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The politicized material-reductionist paradigm continues to broadcast a cognitive dissonance into the minds of the masses, disheartening humanity of self dignity, sovreignity, and the will to live while replacing their values with fear, greed, and scarcity. Compressed into state of severe complacency, many seem incapable of critical thought while swimming in a sea of information. Many are unwilling to rise to their own responsibility of preservation and balance of self, community, and planet.

Indoctrinated to the masses as infallible dogma, relativistic and quantum theories have acted as the major pillars of man’s cosmic IGNORance. These mathematical conjectures isolate and compartmentalize physical phenomena in their dead states while fully denying the conjugate – the non-physical, living, qualitative dynamics of the underlying formative forces.


Confusion of Cause and Effect lies at the root of this dissonance. Through this conceptual error Natural Law became a heretical relic to the priests of scientism.


The biosphere’s ability to support life and thus man’s connection with source is dwindling as novelty and change increase exponentially on all scales. Humanity must awaken to its internal yearning to understand our connection to the projected external cosmos.

Per the Hermetic Dictum: As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without. All of the cosmic processes to be observed in the macrocosm may be observed within the microcosm of the human. The human form offers a prime example of the simple principles nature employs to build the most elaborate of technologies. The human body acts as the meeting grounds between stellar projections and earthly emissions.

  GENIUS is our birthright !!!

Our ability to consciously access source has been hindered by the political dogma masquerading as rational scientific inquiry and engineering.



Awakening to the dynamics of the Mental-Optical-Spiral Universe, we must discern any facets of our prescribed infrastructure as anti-ethical to the balance and harmony of natural law. Our technological progress has been hoisted on a prescribed evolutionary track of pollution, explosion based force, radiation, symptomatic treatment, and death.

The quantum relativistic models know nothing of the nature of the living, conjugate, and harmonic universe. The very essence that makes you – YOU – has been deemed impossible by modern science. Even the new age has grabbed these false idols as the new religion, leaving them even more engrained in more fundamental materialist views. Quantum mechanics and relativity may have a few functional attributes but that in of itself is not recognition of cosmic processes. Both incompatible fields were born of highly false axioms and at best, are only approximate for systems not apparent anywhere in nature. The lack of scale-invariance of these theories demonstrates the plague of modern science of dissecting, fragmenting, and isolating facts, looking from bottom up, with no recognition of a unifying principles.

Notions such as space-time, light speed,dark matter and energy, black holes, expanding universe and big bang have all been heavily falsified as mathematical abstractions to explaining mathematical abstractions to explain mathematical abstraction ad nauseum. Pure conjecture and nothing more.

WRONG !!!!




Aether Force collectively recognizes another mode of scientific inquiry enabling the observation of the qualitative, living dynamics of cosmic mechanic. A golden thread weaves this illusory tapestry of motion together balanced by the Universal Medium. It has been given many names, many theories, and received equal amounts of backlash. Known as the Aether-Counterspace-Inertial Plane, it acts as the fulcrum, balancing and powering all polarized spiral motion. The One Field expressed as mutiple interdependent field modalities. This is the Undivided One. It’s primal formative expression, the Ether was experienced by Mystics of old as Chi, Prana, Kundalini. Today it’s recognized as subtle energy, scalar or longitundal waves, Od, Vril, Sympathetic VIbration, Ethers & Elements, Formative Forces, Dielectricity, Magnetricity, Eloptic Energy, Zero Point Energy, Superlight, Plasma, Hadronic Horizon, Radiant Energy, Negative Sea, Still Magnetic White Light, Neutral Center, Implicate Order …. the list goes on and on.



The time for fear of suppression and social isolation is over. We have reached a threshold where too many of us know. Too many of us exchange information and invent for the balancing of humanity at all costs. The information each Seeker has individually gained is simply no longer enough. We must synergize this into collective open source knowledge and act it into wisdom. WE ARE making this shift to build a balanced, harmonic, and fractal infrastructure for mankind’s evolution. We can no longer wait for mass adoption of these ideas. We must build and while the old paradigm falls and crumbles.


Aether Force exists as a platform to let your Voice, Research, and technology be heard and reviewed without the political scrutiny of the fallible peer-review process. Open Source your designs and data and help show the world how to recreate the New Technologies. We have no interest in profiting off your work. We are an informational network to help support the latest advances in Aetheric Technologies and Research.

We reject the explosion based, radiating and polluting technologies as the only choice. We will Build New Technologies to restore harmony and balances within the technosphere, to remediate the bioshpere, to create coherence collectively with the noosphere.
We refuse to allow others “more gifted” to do our thinking for us, We know that anyone with right intention can channel the source and be “gifted”. As Russell stated, “GENIUS is your birthright”. You are a biological filter for universal mind. The more coherent the filter or antennae, the higher the resolution of the signal. We all have this inherent ability to look deep within our Sovereign centers, connect with Source through Silence, to connect with Universal Information and Knowledge to bring to physical expression. Tesla, Steiner, Russell and so many more tapped into the universal mind for the direct intuitive experience of their creations.


The average Joe is weary and without knowledge. Show them a vision of a future that is as real as the bills of currency they see, give them the knowledge now hoarded away in secret societies and watch an initiate emerge. What is the ever retold story of the Archetypal hero but the emergence of a true initiate.

The initiate is the next level after awakening.
The initiate see’s the spiritual battle as primary and the physical as a secondary effect.
The initiate sees just how vulnerable those that deem themselves chosen to rule over us really are.
The only requirement is an empty cup so that a little bit of the right knowledge may flow in. Those who empty their cup entirely will be overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of the truth and knowledge the source shall send them.

The Game Plan

I. Identify the knowledge needed to build a new world

Biological Architecture ~ Permaculture, Electroculture, Biodynamics ~ Orgonomy
Light/Color Spectro-Chrome Healing ~ Radionics & Radiesthesia ~ Psychotronics
Di-Electric power ~ Shape Power ~ Antigravity & Levitation ~ Structured Water Science
Weather Engineering ~ Counter-Space & Projective Geometry ~ Cavitation & Implosion
Time & Torsion ~ Hadronic Mechanics ~ Russellian Optical Cosmogony ~ Cymatics
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics ~ Vogel Crystal Technology ~ Scalar Tech ~ ORMUS
Wave Genetics ~ Crypto-Block Chain Decentralization ~ 3D Printing ~ Plasma Tech
Electric Universe ~ Harmonics ~ MetaMaterial Engineering ~ Computer Science

II. Share the Knowledge with the People while building a global yet local network of leaders. A Movement for the People and By the People to Rebuild Civilization in harmony and balance with natural law

STATUS: Founded 2014 – Core Group Found & expanding

III. Our Own Repository of knowledge free and available to all.


  1. Hard Drive Service – We have organized an incredible compendium of the living, qualitative, and Aetheric arts and sciences. On a 2 TB hard drive, you will have access to the deepest information we could find on these topics. Files include well categorized PDF books, journals, & articles, lectures (audio & video), audio-books, courses, geometry animations, brainwave entrainment meditations and full initiatory programs. Purchase of hard drives will help finance Aether Force this coming summer as an educational outlet at scientific conferences and gatherings in the US. This will help us in our motion towards non-profit status.
  2. is no longer online until further finances are raised to keep servers running … it’s expensive giving a way buckets of knowledge !!!) Please support us with donations or upvotes!
  3. forum site constructed to allow for communication outside controlled social media networks. Free, uncensored aetheric conversation!

IV. Build educational facility for children and adults for the aetheric and qualitative sciences. More outlets for alternative education for children should be made available.

STATUS: Seeking properties in late 2018. Possible locations include Pacific Northwest, Carolinas, and New York/ Vermont Area.

V. Build communal lab space for Aether Force associates to investigate the Aetheric sciences and its engineering applications. Particular interests with be levitation, magnetic coils, shape power, and water science.

STATUS: 1. Seeking properties in late 2018. Possible locations include Pacific Northwest, Carolinas, and New York/ Vermont Area.
2. Communication with possible financiers has begun.














An image of a Spectro-Chrome medical device invented by Dinshah Ghadiali circa 1925 to treat and cure diseases and maladies through color light therapy, from a collection of medical equipment at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois, June 3, 2013. (Photo by J. B. Spector/Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago/Getty Images)






VI. Begin an exodus away from the banker controlled Mega cities to our own ruled and run villages.

STATUS: Seeking interested collaborators, properties, and financiers.

Our Mission is to give these new nodes of civilization everything they need not only to be self sufficient but to live far better than humans ever have before. We are well on our way and the dark forces cannot stop it. They can’t even slow it down. They may plot and plan religiously but the infinite has a far better plan and we are the tools by which it shall manifest. is a grass roots, open source educational movement of the Aetheric Arts and Sciences. In the coming months, a group of aetheric engineers will be touring the country offering workshops, lectures, and meditations worldwide. With your support, financial, psychotronic, or otherwise is truly appreciated. Every bit counts and truly will help the advancement of this knowledge into the mainstream mindset. Thank YOU!

Harmony & Rhythm Be Your Wave-guide to Stillness

John Ech



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