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To Build a New World


As a collective, humanity has been carried by the wave of life, challenged by its ego and its ability to force dogma. As many begin to perceive with a new lense, we real-eyes the real lies in plain sight. The very womb which birthed all that we know first hand has been polluted and disrespected, hindering its ability to support the biosphere and man’s connection with source. Our biology, an extension of the Earth, is the ultimate technology. And now, man, with his sense and effect based, explosion-ist science  is polluting, radiating, and destroying our Mother and thus ourselves and our connection to the Earth and Source. GENIUS is our birthright and our ability to access that has been taken away by the dogma holding this infrastructure together. Awakening to the dynamics of our Mental-Optical-Spiral Universe, We are now faced with experiencing all facets of our prescribed infrastructure as heretical to the balance and harmony of natural law.

The knowledge each Seeker has individual gained is simply no longer enough. We collectively recognize the qualitative, living sciences embracing the Universal Mental Medium … Light, Aether, Orgone, Od, Vril, Chi, Prana, Od, MIND as the primal foundation and source of our polarized physicality. Recognition is just the first step of many.




NOW is the time were the open source movement compresses and aggregates the aetheric mind out of their homes. The time for fear of suppression and social isolation is over. We have reached a threshold where too many of us know. Too many of us willing exchange information for the balancing of humanity at all costs for no costs.

We must join together and synergize our collective resources into a novel system based on fractal and sustainable technologies and practices. We have more than enough knowledge to make this shift and to build a radically different and potentially uplifting infrastructure for mankind’s evolution. It’s whether enough of the public will catch on and simply give these new principles a chance.

Aether Force exists to be a platform to let your Voice and Information be heard and reviewed without the political scrutiny of the fallible peer-review process. Open Source your designs and data and help show the world how to recreate the New Technologies.


We reject the explosion based, radiating and polluting technologies as the only choice.  We will Build New Technologies to restore harmony and balances within the technosphere, to remediate the bioshpere, to create coherence collectively with the noosphere.

We refuse to compromise on pure scientific truth, We will rediscover the scientific truth that is ours by right. We refuse to work within the materialistic, reduction paradigm. The universe is not lifeless, mechanical, linear, or random. We recognize a qualitative and natural mode of observation and experimentation in the Mental and Optically Emergent Universe.

We refuse to allow others “more gifted” to do our thinking for us, We know that anyone with right intention can channel the source and be “gifted”. As Russell stated, “GENIUS is your birthright”. You are a biological filter for universal mind. The more coherent the filter or antennae, the higher the resolution of the signal. We all have this inherent ability to look deep within our Sovereign centers, connect with Source through Silence, to connect with Universal Information and Knowledge to bring to physical expression. Tesla, Steiner, Russell, even Einstein had intuitive processes for scientific investigation.


We refuse to pass this mission onto our children, We will begin this journey now. We no longer have the luxury of waiting for new scientific truths to prevail over dogmatically held axioms only when the OLD MINDs harboring those ideas centrifugally return to the Universal MIND. We no longer can way for the old egos to die. The time is NOW to take Tesla Tech to knock down the house of cards the materialist paradigm rests upon.

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The Pillars

We have studied their methods. What has taken them four thousand years to build we can eclipse in a single generation, not due to our superior numbers but to our genuine talent gifted to us by an infinite spiritual power.

Those that believe that they were chosen to rule the world first went for financial control. The cancerous fruit of this plan we now see in the banks that rule over every corner of the earth. Their power to control our labour by creating currency on a whim is now at an end. The rise of crypto currency and the open source networks that fuel it will bring down their calcified pillar atop their heads.

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They then went for control of our minds through their mass media. For hundreds of years they watched our children eagerly fight their wars for them and now they watch the rise of our own organic peoples media deliver stuff blow after stiff blow to their prostitute deception machine. Their victories have ended and ours have only just begun.

Their system of slavery through usury and mass media control allowed them to finally take near total control of the elders tasked to guide us. The politics which we should aspire to engage in they reduced to pale stage of shame and apathy. We had lost our voice and with our eyes shut we could only pull the plow. Their arrogance swelled. Without a head, what can the body do?

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Where are our leaders?

We shall build them ourselves. Organically, Holographically and Defiantly. Within each and everyone of us is the leader we were born to be. We do not need anything added, Only fear and anxiety taken away. The knowledge we were once blessed with has found it’s way back to us, now that we are ready to receive it.

The average Joe is weary and without knowledge. Show them a vision of a future that is as real as the bills of currency they see, give them the knowledge now hoarded away in secret societies and watch an initiate emerge. What is the ever retold story of the Archetypal hero but the emergence of a true initiate.

  • The initiate is the next level after awakening.
  • The initiate see’s the spiritual battle as primary and the physical as a secondary effect.
  • The initiate sees just how vulnerable those that deem themselves chosen to rule over us really are.

The only requirement is an empty cup so that a little bit of the right knowledge may flow in. Those who empty their cup entirely will be overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of the truth and knowledge the source shall send them.

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         The Plan

     Identify the knowledge needed to build a new world. 
  •  Aetheric Engineering
  • Permaculture, Electroculture, Biodynamics
  • Orgonomy
  • Light/Color Spectro-Chrome Healing
  • Radionics & Radiesthesia
  • Psychotronics & Psionics
  • Di-Electric power generation
  • Shape Power
  • Biologic Architecture
  • Antigravity
  • Structured H20
  • Weather Engineering
  • Counter-Space & Projective Geometry
  • Cavitation & Implosion
  • Time & Torsion
  • Hadronic Mechanics
  • Russellian Optical Cosmogony
  • Cymatics
  • Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
  • Vogel Crystal Technology
  • Scalar Tech
  • Wave Genetics –
  • Crypto-Block Chain Decentralization
  • 3D Printing

Share the Knowledge with the People while building a global yet local network of leaders. 

  •   A Movement for the People and By the People to Rebuild Civilization in harmony and balance with natural law STATUS: Core Group Found and Public Outreach is Growing
  • Our Own Repository of knowledge free and available to all.  STATUS: is no longer functioning until further finances are raised to keep servers running … it’s expensive giving a way buckets of  knowledge !!!)
  • Our Own Social Network, Global/ Local Forum STATUS: Complete with forum built at .


    Begin an exodus away from the banker controlled Mega cities to our own ruled  and run villages. This is already in progress with movements like The New Earth Nation and the emerging Muslim villages in Indonesia. 


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Our Mission is to give these new nodes of civilization everything they need not only to be self sufficient but to live far better than humans ever have before. We are well on our way and the dark forces cannot stop it. They can’t even slow it down. They may plot and plan religiously but the infinite has a far better plan and we are the tools by which it shall manifest.

Aether Force is a grass roots, open source educational movement of the Aetheric Arts and Sciences. In the coming months, a group of aetheric engineers will be touring the country offering workshops, lectures, and meditations worldwide. With your support, financial, psychotronic, or otherwise is truly appreciated. Every bit counts and truly will help the advancement of this knowledge into the mainstream mindset. Thank YOU!


                                      MAY HARMONY and RHYTHM be your WAVE-GUIDES TO STILLNESS                                                               –

– Aether Force