Mathematics Gone Mad by Caleb Thomas

//Mathematics Gone Mad by Caleb Thomas

Unfortunately, the mathematicians have misconstrued the figures, axioms, and definitions of Geometry, and used them inconsistently. This is not a case where we merely need to tweak the process a little bit or erase the board completely and start over. It is rather an impossible task. Geometry is a surrealistic discipline that purports to describe the static world of Physics with the dynamic language of Mathematics. The mathematicians have confused points with locations, distance with displacement, dimensions and coordinates with number lines, and solids with volumes. After 3000 years of history and experience, the mathematicians can’t even tell you what a number is.


Mathematics is a science of behavior. Physics is the science of existence. Mathematics only studies adverbs (relations, how something moves, etc.). Physics deals with the remaining grammatical categories. Mathematical Physics deals with what an observer measures and perceives. Physics is observer free. Physics deals with ‘what is’ irrespective of testimony or artificial standards. Mathematics is not only NOT the language of Physics, it has absolutely nothing to do with Physics.


All the Authorities of Math went insane, got committed into a Mental Asylum and committed SUICIDE because they couldn’t prove that Math has anything to do with reality. Math has no truths, certainties or absolutes. Bertrand Russell barely escaped with his life after he went mentally ill when he couldn’t prove Math is founded in reality.

“Mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true.” – Bertrand Russell
If you can not even define Real (Exist) then you have no business in a science forum telling others what is science.


Define Exist_______________________?
Math has no truths, proofs or any certainty. It is impossible for Math to have any bearing in reality. And of course, Math is based on human rules and is thus subjective….never objective as far as reality is concerned.
In science there is only possible or NOT possible
Science: rational explanation for reality

We use objects to explain phenomena. We never rectify verbs into the nouns of reality.

Tautological systems of derivation inference are fine for sophistry and pulling the wool over the eyes of the sheep, but have no power or relevance.

1+1=2, P+P=C, Prove it or I can’t believe it, are all childish schemes to convince others about what you make up or don’t understand.

We expect them to explain not complain, define not whine.

Since science explains and math describes (It never ever explains) math is not science. Great for balancing my check book, great for engineering, but worthless for explaining anything.   dc191c8f2a53232f282b5a8981ab52ec

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