Master of Lucid Dreams by Olga Kharitidi

//Master of Lucid Dreams by Olga Kharitidi
“I am going to talk about death. It is not something many people like to talk about. Do you know why? There is a fear we all feel. They say it is fear of the unknown. I say it is fear of the known, but not realized consciously. When we go through life, the traumas we experience stay in us as painful knots, and are tightened by the spirits of trauma. If we don’t untie these knots during our lives, we are going to have this done after our physical deaths. It doesn’t matter if we believe in the afterlife or not.


“One thing you need to believe is that, with death, the experience of time changes radically. To enter death is, in a way, to enter time itself, and there you’d better be ready. There are many accounts of light and bliss, but this is only a beginning. What comes afterward is also described, but it is just not as well publicized. Angry, malicious spirits come next; they come to suck your blood and torture you by all possible means, but they are your own spirits of Trauma. They will torture you until you untie the knots in your memory and become free. Again, it doesn’t matter if you believe in the afterlife or not. I am talking about the subjective psychological process of restructuring your memory. Would it make a big difference for you to know that it all happens minutes after death, even though you may personally experience it as ages of torture?


“Many of you think that this subject is far from your actual interests. Many of you find yourselves attracted to magic, thinking that, in it, you may find powers and insights that will change your life once and forever. Who would think about death when there are so many exciting secrets that life can share with us? Well, people who are close to real magic would think about death and what is beyond it, because they know that most of life’s secrets come from mastering that space beyond death. […]


“The only way to pass through their gates [after death] was to look to them in their disguised faces and say, ‘I know you. I know your name.’ You do this, then they have to let you through. You fail, they tear your limbs apart, suck your blood, tear your flesh. If you recognize their names, then are saved from a second death, from annihilation, and your existence will continue. So what am I talking about?

“Any guesses yet? I expect that, at this point in my lecture, you will recognize who I am talking about. The spirits of trauma, of course, our psyches’ creations, our representations of hurts and suffering which we have, accumulated, and which we didn’t have a chance to heal…

“The only thing I can tell you now is that we all have the space inside of us where the healing work can be done and is being done all the time for each of us—even though we are completely unaware of it.[…]

“The purpose of my talk tonight is not only educational. It serves to make some of the aspects of our work known to Western culture. The reason is that the critical time has arrived. I told you that the unhealed traumatic experiences which gain status of their own and become spirits of trauma continue their existence throughout generations. If they are not healed, they build up, connect, accelerate, enforce and support each other, and become collective entities.


“In traditional cultures, rituals of transition are very important. Before going to another of life’s stages, a person must go through a deep initiation ritual, one that basically cuts off all traumatic knots from the past and clears a path for the future. Modern civilization, as you call it, has lost all its psychological rituals. It doesn’t have the means to clear its members of traumatic memories. Therefore, at some point, these accumulate on the collective level and become very dangerous. This dangerous time has come. It could become many times more dangerous now than in previous times, when world wars were induced by the accumulated spirits of traumas. The purpose of my visit is to tell you that there is a great danger for all the people on the planet, but there are effective means to overcome it.

– from “Master of Lucid Dreams” by Olga Kharitidi, M.D


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