Making Informational Copies Using Water

//Making Informational Copies Using Water

Making Informational Copies Using Water

Scientific experiments are profoundly influenced by conventional academic theories and practices. At first glance technological innovation appears to be a steady stream of incremental advances, where each discovery is built upon the last. If we examine the notion of incremental “scientific breakthrough” it seems an agreeable enough idea until we consider that it does not take into account the evidence that breakthroughs are by their very nature categorically hard to predict and are beyond the realm of normal expectations.

It’s easy to rationalize that advances like calculus, electromagnetism, flight, wireless communications were bound to happen eventually, but this would never the less be an inappropriate use of hindsight, as real breakthroughs are often “quantum leaps” which come from unconventional sources.

With new scientific frontiers come a new status quo predisposed to setting at odds those of a conventional bent who would declare it absolutely impossible with persons who would risk the fire to venture into the unknown, results obtained by experimental means in hand, saying “It’s not shirking convention, it’s science!”

As we know, many technologies start as a proverbial “black box” and eventually become better understood through scientific inquiry. Having first been impartially validated many of these advances are now part of mainstream, though still not well understood (e.g. electricity.) For that reason we have concluded it to be altogether unnecessary to be in possession of an explanation capable of articulating in full detail the mechanisms of action demonstrated by a technology in order to employ it successfully.

In that spirit, the following information is presented in a popular scientific style intended to relay in detail our current work and its technical background. Similarly, we have accounted for comparable technology and the accumulated research conducted on the topic thus far.

What are informational copies of biologically active substances?


IC – Informational Copy

Biologically active substance (BAS) – a substance, that which in small amounts (concentrations) can cause response of the biological organism. Different BAS causes different reactions and different organisms can react differently within similar BAS.

Biologically neutral substance – comparatively, such substances in small amounts may not cause any noticeable response within the biological organism.

Researches have noted that if a biologically active substance is placed in close proximity to a biologically neutral substance, and both within an external electromagnetic field of certain characteristics, the result is that where the neutral substance acquires biological activity and characteristics of the active substance.


Thus, it’s possible to say that each substance has its own informational image, which may be imprinted on other substance with the help of electromagnetic field.

How are informational copies transferred to the secondary carrier, i.e. water or aqueous systems?

Let’s consider an analogy of this principle:

If we place a camera into a dark room and attempt to capture a photo of an object without an illuminating source, we do not obtain the picture of the object. To obtain a picture (informational image) of the object, a light source (in this scenario of informational copies, an electromagnetic field) is required, which illuminates and reflects upon the object, creating a visible interference that is observed as a photo image.


This principle – transfer of informational characteristics via electromagnetic field, has been implemented in homeopathy for many years.

Whereas such substances and materials as distilled or boiled water, plastic, glass, aluminum foil, wax, paraffin, 30-40% ethyl alcohol and other substances are used as a secondary carriers.


Let’s explore a laser experiment:

  • Using a typical laser pointer as a source of electromagnetic field, and acting as a carrier of the informational image
  • An Aspirin tablet as a biologically active substance
  • An ordinary compact disc (known as an informational carrier, consisting of plastic and aluminum) as a secondary carrier.
  • And finally, an additional informational carrier such as a sample of water

Initially the biologically active substance is in an unexcited state, (as in our earlier analogy of the photographed object in a dark room).

By turning on the laser, its beam falls upon the Aspirin tablet and we could consider that the substance progresses into an excited state, thus enabled to emit a super weak electromagnetic field, which in turn modulates the laser beam. The super weak modulated laser beam then begins to interact with the secondary carrier (compact disc) and modifies the state of the secondary carrier.

Currently, it is unclear of what happens within the compact disc’s material properties under this influence. However, experimental results show that the effected disk is able to provide a specific effect on the water sample. Measurable changes are recorded within the water samples parameters, such as; pH, electrical conductivity, and others.


As a result, by placing the Aspirin (medical drug) tablet upon the CD surface, and illuminating the tablet via laser beam, it is possible to obtain a secondary carrier with an information copy of the tablet. As follows, secondary carries may be used to prepare and activate water samples with properties of the medicals drug. In the case of the IC Medicals technology, a patient would sit a glass of water upon the disc for a duration period of a half-hour and then drink the water, much like a homeopathic remedy.

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  • Preben Hundven

    I’ve done some research on their website, and honestly I’m just curious as to how plastics can be charged, and how long they stay charged.
    Would you by any chance know if one can use other instruments to form the electromagnetic field needed to “carry” the informational field? Could one use a torchlight or household lightbulb? What I don’t understand exactly, is if one can use any kind of electromagnetic field.
    Just place any kind of substance (isolated from direct contact with the water) in a glass of water and place that on say your PC or near your TV. Would this be the same? I’m lost.
    Any thoughts, author?

  • Jack Hadley

    jacques bienveniste “discovered” all of this and was debunked multiple times (though granted if this were real you could bet absolutely everyone in power would conive, lie, kill, and steal to prevent it’s acknowledgement)

    The bottom line is, this is only for individual experimentalists. The apparatus doesn’t cost much money and can be done by anyone, but such a thing would put drug companies out of business overnight if it works so for god’s sake keep it to yourself or prepare to reap the whirlwind (or more likely be ignored and discredited).

    Bienveniste started a company that would broadcast the signals of medicines down the phone line, but as far as i am aware… nothing ever came of it. The DOD was interested and repeated his experiments and the hearsay says that they had limited success (when particular people were involved in the experiment) and as a result most conclude fraud.

    Fundamentally, there is nothing too crazy being asserted here (especially considering the mechanism of most effective medicines is not understood). The immune system does not “see” the way our eyes do, and can be trained on the subtle magneto-electric “pattern” of small things (it can handle molecules, maybe even atoms!). It is not inconcievable that the effect of drugs/medicines are caused in our bodies by our reaction to the magneto-electric patterns of the medicines rather than the physical medicines themselves (which generally are all toxic and poison the liver).

    Your suggestion of the TV or computer with the sample sitting nearby is in many ways the “typical” homeopathic method (which is where all this is coming from, the need/want to have a scientific basis for the function of homeopathy. Bienveniste was working for one of the largest homeopathy companies in the world at the time of the “breakthrough”)

    According to bienveniste the frequencies involved are the same as in our hearing, which is why he started the drug-down-the-phone-line company. The normal homeopathic way is to add an extremely small amount of medicine to a large volume of water and then strike/shake the bejesus out of it until the water has interacted with the medicine enough to be “programmed” with its unique signature.

    If general homeopathy works, and the mechanism is as descibed by bienveniste, then any and all excitation (laser, vibration, sound, electromagnetism) will have the desired result and probably just “speed of impregnation” is most affected by the approach.

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