Magnetic Rotating Vortexes

//Magnetic Rotating Vortexes

Magnetic Rotating Vortexes

Are Magnetic Fields Static? According to reality.. no. they are not. Quantum Physics cannot explain magnetism, they wish it didn’t exist.

The field that magnetic fields put out is not static, it is moving in a rotating vortex motion. so much for the laws of conservation of energy…

This goes for every magnet in existence even the little one on your refrigerator is a perpetual motion device.

This video shows a magnetic vortex under water

This video shows a magnetic rotating a metal ring suspended by thread.

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  • Scorched

    No one would be happier than I if the rotating ring in the magnetic field were true. I just tried it first with stranded thread and it spun very nicely. Then I tried it with a monofilament sewing thread which is like a super thin fishing line. The effect disappears with the monofilament thread and no spin occurs. The spinning effect is apparently caused by the pulling force of the magnet unwinding the thread. All multifilament ropes and threads seem to have a spin when put under tension.

  • Robert

    Concerning the first video:

    The bubbles are probably charged, and charged particles will move in a circle (or a spiral) when moving across magnetic field lines, because they experience a force at right-angles to the field lines (by the right-hand rule).

    Although it is not clear exactly where the field lines are, in the demonstration, it is likely that some (vector) component of the bubbles’ velocity is at a right-angle to the magnetic field lines. And so it is not surprising, from the point of view of the standard model of electro-magnetism, that the bubbles get a spiral twist in their upward path.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean that the magnetic field is moving, and it is not new science.

    Sorry, no perpetual motion machine today.

  • Robert

    The thing is, only by applying critical thinking can one winnow out the wishful thinking, practical jokes, disinformation and scams.

    The “New Age” tendency to only think positive thoughts is our greatest enemy. Only by putting what we hear and read through the crucible of negative thinking will we find the gold, after the dross has been removed.

  • Derrick

    What about new visualization techniques, ie the stuff from coral castle . com much of that is mysticism but in his experiments section he has some interesting field visualization techniques involving CRT screens and magnetic film.

    The other thing that came to mind if that experiment is somewhat suspect is the work of Pier Luigi Ighina. He seems to show that whatever one can do with the dielectric field is quite possible to do with the magnetic field. They may not be exact functional analogs but Ighina’s machines especially his magnetic monopole machines seem to provoke some interesting thoughts on magnetism.

  • Robert

    I would say:

    OK, what about them? Do you realize that the entire field of “free energy” is a vast sea of such vagueness, trailing off into more and more incomplete thinking? But send somebody $20, or ten times that if it’s a conference, to keep the sideshow going.

    Have you considered the possibility that much of the activity in the field of “free energy” is a deliberate distraction?

  • Robert

    By the way, when I use the term “New Age,” I’m not speaking of anything mystical.

    I’m speaking of the mindset that is characteristic of the New Age movement: think only “positive” thoughts, and “what you resist persists.”

    There is evidence that the New Age movement is a mind control project of the elite. Just do a search on “New Age” “Mind Control” “Esalen” “Gordon Wasson” “psychedilic” “Century Club and “CIA” and you will get the whole nine yards.

    The New Agers are stuck in right-brain thinking, which is just as crippling as being stuck in left-brain thinking, and just as prone to being controlled and programmed.

    A balanced mind can shift fluidly from right to left brain thinking as befits the context: think globally and see the big picture, and then focus like a critical laser beam on the details; sacred feminine and sacred masculine, in an alchemical marriage; the flexibility to be a poet and loving earth mother, feeding the starving pigeons, and then, when called upon, to be a ruthless warrior.

  • TeslasMyHero

    Hey Tech Zombie,

    I Uploaded the Don Smith 2005 vids,over in the Public Chest, they never did work. I feel like it’s just taken up space. I wonder if could be deleted, His stuffs pretty widely available anyways’.

    Sorry to derail from the subject,


  • TeslasMyHero


    I wonder if the Searl Effect Generator Guy’s have seen this work from Jack Scholze:


  • Tech Zombie

    this is a good point about the “new age” mindset. I agree

  • I agree, except I would rather say “critical thinking” instead of negative thinking – that’s more neutral and “scientific” I believe.

  • Scorched

    A group of us fight trolls in a chat channel daily. This guy ROBERT has all the trappings of a “paid for” disinformation distraction disruption troll.

    His first post may have merit. But then again H-Trolls have been trained to use every means at their disposal to instigate a negative palor. They occaisionally even use good information. They are ruthless, educated, and have huge egos.

    But if he is so negative to be down on even a little positive thinking? Such as,
    “There is evidence that the New Age movement is a mind control project of the elite.” Whoa! Beware. Here he is planting defeatism. What is his purpose for him being here? His statement is pure speculation of the worse type.

    “Have you considered the possibility that much of the activity in the field of “free energy” is a deliberate distraction?” Here he is planting nothing but doubts. This guy’s posts should be HEAVILY moderated. He is obviously an enemy to everything the people who did this site are attempting to accomplish whether he is being paid to create such drivel or not.

    Please everyone keep up the good work. Leave no stone unturned! There is no harm in a little faith!

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