Les Brown Physics Of Crystals Full Documentary

//Les Brown Physics Of Crystals Full Documentary

Les Brown Physics Of Crystals Full Documentary

Les Brown was a leading researcher of crystals and the power of geometry to affect the physical world.

This might be called shaper power, biogeometry or aetheric science. His two our documentary on the power of crystals remains one of the best resources on the subject ever produced.

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  • J

    That’s my great uncle Les. I remember my great uncle Gill telling us that Les was up to stuff with pyramids when I was a kid.

  • Tech Zombie

    wow. awesome ! runs in the blood then 🙂

    We are honored to have you with us. Les was truly a pioneer.

  • I am using your documentary for a resource for my science fair project. What is the date of the documentary and the city (and any other info for my bibliography)?

  • ian unsworth

    hi j, i was very moved by the presentation les made, i instantly connected with him and understood everything he said, i am very sad to hear he has passed on. do you know of anyone that has carried on with his work on crystal physic’s, i feel compelled to study this, could you pass on to me contact details of anyone that you know of who was involved with les’s work. this is very important to me, so any information you can give would be very much appropriated, my name is ian unsworth, my phone number is 07858133662

  • Max Collodi

    what a great documentary and a very interesting man. there would be many things of interest one could talk to him about.

  • Did prof.had a center that I can contact them for ahealingideau sing crystals and pyramid

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