Leaping Head First into the USPA Conference 2017

//Leaping Head First into the USPA Conference 2017

United States Psychotronic Association 2017 conference… Those words ring like bells into my head, when I first heard John Ech say them to me. A thousand title songs with their analog blips and bloops from the 70s saying in my head and soul. There really was no debate within me, I just KNEW I had to go…

Fast forward to the moment we have left the car we are walking into the parking lot towards the doors that lead into the Hotel containing the USPA 2017. As soon as we open the doors everything in my hearing goes quiet… And then….. A ROAR of information. Roar that does not stop from morning until night. Information that flows between participants presenters vendors machines and nonphysical beings like a water rapid current that you try with all your mind and might to catch what you can in the little cups that are your mind.

My mind had been reduced to little teacups due to a lack of sleep and food in the weeks prior so as a shriveled mass of flesh I approach the altar of knowledge, in which it’s beams fill me with the glory of seeing the unseen and knowing the unknown.

The altar is everywhere and anywhere at USPA.

From a Radionics perspective, I would like to share with you something new that I learned. The concept of communicating with entities via a radionics  machine. This general concept was all I was able to contain in my tea cup.

As members of AetherForce collected together in person I felt a friendly warmth intensifying in the room. I highly recommend you go find your nearest fellow AetherForce and meet them. Spend time with them. Perhaps you will feel more whole and complete like I have.

Certainly the vendors were so interesting that I did not have time to speak with them all. I’ve included for you a list of the vendors from the USPA 2017 conference here.

Summary: If you want to get right into a group of people who are just like you come to the USPA conference and meet the rest of your radionic family, as well as a full and colorful cast of characters.

List of Vendors

Main Site for USPA

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