John Searl and his Levitating Generator Plans Leaked

//John Searl and his Levitating Generator Plans Leaked

John Searl built a levitating disc that could also generate electrical power.

This was in the 50’s in England. His story is one of the most interesting in alternative science and even better he is still with us and has his own company and research team.

Passionate science researcher Jason Verbelli was so captivated by Searl’s story that he joined his team. You’ll find the best info on Searl on Jasons’s Youtube Channel.

Cracking the mystery of the Searl SEG could mean anti gravity and unlimited energy synthesis. AetherForce has been getting a tremendous amount of leaks from researchers the world over. We leave it to our members to judge for themselves if they have value or not.

Recently an anonymous source  came to us with a paper from the University of Sussex outlining Searl’s technology. It may have some hints from intrepid researchers. Find it on our Searl Keychest here. We also ocr’ed the document and included notes with some of the text fixed up for easy reading.

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