Inventor’s Diary: “Failing to Learn” Making good use of the Scientific Method

//Inventor’s Diary: “Failing to Learn” Making good use of the Scientific Method
How the scientific method helps me solve things that are unknown.

Hi Everyone, I will demonstrate just how using the scientific method helps answer questions. Here is the question or problem I had“How did Meyer wire up those nine VIC transformers to the Exciter Array that only had two leads going into it?” Here you can see Russ and I talking about the question above: This is gathering information: This shows three VIC transformers wired in parallel and is why I tried to also wire two VIC transformers in parallel. My hypothesis was to also wire up some VIC transformers in parallel and I tested it, for if you saw the video taken at Boulder, Colorado then you saw the experiment as that was the very first time I ever hooked up two VIC transformers in parallel. Analyzing the Data or what are your observations of the experiment: My observations showed that by adding in the “Isolation Diode” it would cut off what is known as “The Electron Bounce Phenomenon,” for I tried it in Colorado for the very first time, and again when I got back home. Basically there is no real negative voltage just a small amount which doesn’t work well for ionization. So my hypothesis must have been incorrect which was a good thing as that leaves only one other way Meyer could have hooked up nine transformers to the exciter array. Answer: “In Series.”     Drawing conclusions; Meyer had to have wired all nine VIC transformers in series and this holds well when looking at the progression of the technology over time as he made things smaller, more efficient, and far more cost effective.

Each of the choke groups have a V = L(di/dt) value that when the pulse is terminated will have  an inductive kick as a result and if you wire them up in series with each other the result is a stepping up of the voltage or a ramp looking step charge. In the new VIC transformer Meyer put all of the chokes in one bobbin sharing a primary & secondary coil on a common core, and made good use of the ramping up of the voltage effect, can you see it? As now the technology has been reduced in size but still functions just the same or in this case far better for there is a much higher magnetic field coupling in this arrangement. Now imagine the cost savings as the going rate for the “C” cores are around $125, the bobbins $150, $100 for the wire, and the circuits cost $250 or so totaling $625 and now only one VIC transformer and driving circuit are needed to run the whole show. Talking about cutting cost, wow as that’s~ a savings of $5000 Wow! The catch though is you have to run those figure 6-1 and 10-4 transformers with the injectors as they aren’t designed to run a full size exciter array but only a tiny injector. Now you can see why making use of the scientific method is a must as I just figured out how Meyer wired those nine VIC transformers up to the exciter array and learned more about the technology in general. For we learn mostly from our failures but if you’re too afraid to fail, or even try for that matter, then you will never learn anything. And if you don’t accept your results of the experiment(s) then you are truly lost and you would have been better of not doing anything at all. It won’t be long now before I make the repairs, remember things broke while I was in Boulder, Colorado, and have a working model. But do note I am not out of the woods just yet as knowing the science “only” still leaves me with having to build it all correctly. But again from the looks of it I think I am done with the water splitting part of it. Now on to integrating the technology into the car and towards launching the technology into this world through True Green Solutions God is good 😎 Amen

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