Introducing the Primer Fields

//Introducing the Primer Fields

Introducing the Primer Fields

A groundbreaking series that reveals the invisible geometry of the Aether. The creator of this amazing series of videos had to stop from repeated abuse. The shills came out in droves to stop him and they finally wore him out. Perhaps we can convince him to finish this masterwork….

I like quite a few things about the Primer Fields, but in the Primer Fields 3, David La Point bases his models from Newton’s model of the prism and light; whereas, he should have incorporated the work of Johan Goethe who corrected the initial errors of Newton. – Jason Verbelli

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  • Robert

    It is a pretty obvious hoax. See my previous comment:

  • Scorched

    Robert, you are obviously a smart guy and seem to be on the side of good.

    But really, you want me to throw this guy and his amazing modeling under the bus because the U.S. Patent office doesnt have his patent application in their database this week?

    You’re funny! You may have a point or you may not.

    But from what I can tell, the Patent offices are very much under the control of the Status Quo Powers and are more than willing to lie, steal, cheat, and generally deceive us.

    The Patent offices are right in the middle of Knowledge Suppression.

  • Scorched

    Oh thy high and mighty Robert!

    His experiments are just thought modeling experiments only intended to create a perspective. Are they 100% perfectly accurate with reality? Of course not. The substitue teacher picks up a ball and calls it the sun to make a point. And like a little kid you say, “That’s not the sun! I’m kicking you in the shin!” Really what is your point? You dont have one. You attack him because you are unable see the value in what he is doing. Just like every other comment you have made on this site, your comments are negative just for the sake of just being negative.

    Who gives a rat’s butt about the patent office? Why would you use the patent office as an argument? You obvious know nothing of the things the patent office is capable. Let me spell it out for you so you can get it. Just because the patent office doesnt have his application listed does not mean he is lying. Why is that so hard for you to get? How can a thought experiment be a hoax? Did you think he had a real little universe in the bottle, Webster? Paaaalease ….

    I read some of your comments on your chaotic little thread page. You quit posting here because they didnt let you modify it afterwards? Poor baby! Whatever.

    (Scorch winds up the Robert wind up doll. This should make this pompous JA go nuts! Yeee Haw!)

  • Scorched

    Scorch tips his hat to the moderator! Please delete my last post. It is now unneccessary. I aplologize. I just couldnt stand it. That guy just has to be a paid for blog troll, and if he is not, that only makes him a worse product of the system. (deep sigh)

  • Paul Keetch

    I wondered why Primer Fields had not been picked up – but now I see it that it has.

    In light of Jason’s comment regarding error’s in Primer 3 – has anyone thought to make contact with David La Point to compare notes and join the fold (so to speak)

    I think you guys in the vanguard of scientific truth need to stick together

  • Paul Keetch

    In support of the ‘problem with patents’ – and for those who are naive about the influence of the ‘control system’ and their subjugation of science.

    When you register a thing, you are giving it away. Furthermore, many of the wives of the so called elite or rather the ‘control system’ – have, at one time or another, worked as patent clerks or lawyers in and around the patent offices of the world.

    Sneaky eh? If you want to keep an eye on the proles and keep abreast of technology than where better to place your agents than at the very source

    Add to that chicanery around filing (dates and times) and it becomes clear how their buddies and cohorts are able to rip of, extort and cash in on the IP of others

  • Roland

    I’ve seen primers 1,2 and 3. I must say it is very intriguing if not interesting videos. I used to believe in the big bang theory but after my exposure to the Electric/Plasma universe, I became a follower of this new theory. Mr. Lapoint’s videos put a visual to the electric universe theory.

    I am not a physicist nor do I have a formal training in the field of science. I am just basing my comments on the things I see and read. On the part where David was throwing ball bearings into the magnetic field, I notice that they follow a particular pattern. As you put in more bearings, they rearrange themselves. Imagine if these bearings are electrons, and the pattern behavior as the quantization of the electrons energy levels. This is just my observation. Of course I might be dead wrong and not even close. I am just throwing in my thoughts in case no one paid attention to that part of the video.

    As for Mr. Lapoint, please continue your work. IT MAKES MORE SENSE than any of the big bang theories.

  • Please download the proposal at

    Guys is it feasible what I theorized in the proposal???

  • Anonymous

    Amazing stuff! I hope we get to someday witness the entire series.

  • “A number of points jump at regarding the intersection of Tetryonic & Primer field theories: Via K.C.ABRAHAM

    1. Primer is experimentally based – Tetryonics is theory based.

    2. Both can aid and expand on the work of each other and in fact this should be encouraged if possible

    3. There is a case of strong agreement between Tetryonic theory and the Primer field experimental results that I have seen in this videos.

    4. I congratulate him in using EM discharges as this is where Tetryonic theory shows our future advances lie in energy generation and resource creation.

    5. Obviously his focus has been on practical results while my focus was on developing and refining a theory that shows great promise in expanding on his work to date.

    6. Tetryonic theory can greatly expand his understanding of the plasma physics of the discharges that he is working with presently, in turn enabling the rapid development of new experimental designs.

    7. In fact, Tetryonic theory has many discharge designs that can be readily provided to further his experimental work on discharge plasmas etc.

    8. CAD modelling of equilateral E&M fields shows that the electrode designs he has found effective [and was utilising in the videos] are fully reflective of Tetryonic M field geometries, leaving scope to expand on his current theoretical modelling and suppositions through the inclusion of Tetryonic field theory .

    9. Obviously there is scope to develop the E-field components of the fields as this is where Tesla found much application. This is where real physical forces can be easily created and real horsepower can be transmitted over great distances near-instantaneously [as Tesla noted]

    10. It is only current science’s fixation on electrical oscillations & transverse waves that creates our current impediment to many new technologies that can be rapidly developed and made available to all.

    11. I couldn’t agree more with his statement that practical outcomes are a necessary step – but equally, so is a solid understanding of the physics involved from a theoretical stand point [some development of a theoretical understanding of the results and its application to current sciences was attempted in his videos but found only limited success as key pieces of theory were missing [the equilateral geometries of Planck energies and the theoretical advances made possible by my theory’s geometric approach to electrical energies and physics in general]

    12. From a mutual understanding of each other’s work an even greater understanding can be developed as from my point of view presently there is much in common.

    13. Finally, his theory being ‘limited’ to M-field at present and Tetryonics can reveal much more about the interaction dynamics taking place than he is theoretically aware of at present.”

  • Just resurrecting this thread to say your theory is a winner! Not! It was filed, but took almost a year to publish it. But it does exist. You must have patience, young padawan.

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