Healing is Voltage by Jerry Tennant, MD

//Healing is Voltage by Jerry Tennant, MD

As you may know, at the current rate, 53% of Americans will die from c.ancer. After nearly 100 years of experimentation with chemotherapy, only about 5% of those who get c.ancer who get rid of the tumors and not have them return. This is obviously a failed system. It is perpetuated by the fact that each c.ancer patient is worth about $2 million in revenue to those who care for them.

There has been an increasing awareness documented in traditional medical literature about the role of the mouth in many diseases including cardiovascular disease. Now a study by Bob Jones has shown that there is a dental problem (root canal, bone infection, etc.) in the same acupuncture meridian as the c.ancer in 100% of 10,000 patients studied. Obviously one cannot do a double-blind study on cadavers, but at some point, the relationship becomes obvious even to the skeptics. This relationship is supported by the findings that there are four particular proteins that protect cells against becoming malignant, P21, P27, P53 and CDK2. Jones took washings from root canal teeth and found that the toxins from these washings would inhibit the binding of these proteins to DNA at a 5% dilution. The toxins from root canal teeth are one of the most toxic substances known! Of particular interest is the fact that they prevent cells from having their normal protection against becoming cancerous.

This finding should not be a particular surprise. The dentists are the only doctors who purposely leave dead tissue in the body. A root canal tooth has had its nerve and artery removed to stop pain and thus it is dead tissue. Dead tissue in the body always gets infected—that is true whether you are talking about a tooth, an appendix, or a big toe. In the 1950’s, a dentist named Weston Price put teeth that he pulled under the skin of a rabbit. In 100% of over 300 cases, the rabbit would get the same illness as the patient from whom the tooth came. This occurred in less than one week.

Root canal procedures are increasing in the US at the rate of 7%/year = the same as the increasing rate of c.ancer in our country. C.ancer rates are not increasing at the same rate in countries without the availability of dental care. This doesn’t prove cause and effect but is supportive of the science that does prove cause and effect.

In the 1950’s Royal Rife implanted a human breast c.ancer into a rat and the tumor began to grow. He then removed that tumor and implanted it into another rat. It grew there as well. He continued this transfer 100 times. This ability to transfer breast c.ancer from one animal to another supports the idea that c.ancer is an infectious disease. The fact that he transferred the tumor surgically and thus created an alteration of the voltage where the tumor was implanted is likely important. Fungus cannot grow unless the voltage of the host is low.

The next piece of the c.ancer puzzle is that fungus is always present in our bodies. It cannot grow if the body has its normal defenses (normal voltage), but grows quickly into a tumorous mass when the cells can’t defend themselves. People who die with c.ancer usually die from the Candida fungus that is always present in c.ancer patients. It has been assumed by physicians that these fungi are simply parasites that are present when the immune system is weakened (as it always is with chemotherapy). However, Dr. Tullio Simoncini from Rome has shown that the c.ancer is a RESULT of the fungal growth, not a side effect! The scenerio is that the dental problem produces severe toxins. These toxins lower the voltage in the organs attached to that acupuncture meridian. With low voltage and inhibited protective proteins, the Candida can begin to flourish. Candida eats anything it can find (not just carbohydrates as has been populariz ed). It forms large white masses which are present on every tumor. It is the fungus that is the aggressive part of c.ancer, not the cells that have been damaged by the dental and fungal toxins. Parts of this fungus can break off and metastasize to other places and begin to grow there as well. The different “kinds” of c.ancer are simply the way different cells look when they are being damaged and consumed by the fungus. This includes the DNA changes that are observed in c.ancer cells. C.ancer cells are the result of damage from dental and fungal toxins and are not the cause of the problem but rather the result of the problem. We have been looking at things backward for 100 years!

The substance that works better than anything else to kill fungus is sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Dr. Simoncini showed us videos of tumors in the colon, lung, etc. The tumors were seen to melt away as the fungi were killed with the solution of baking soda. You can see these videos yourself at /cancer-fungus-news.html

The fungus cannot grow if the voltage in the tissue is normal. The bicarbonate works as an electron donor to raise the voltage. If you cannot get to the tumor (colon c.ancer tumors can be seen with a scope, brain tumors cannot), you must give the treatment intravenously. However, unlike chemotherapy, there are no side effects to the bicarbonate except a fever and chills for about 30 minutes when the tumors die.

It is thrilling to finally understand the cause of c.ancer and that we have such an easy and relatively inexpensive way to treat it. However, it is obviously best to prevent it by removing any root canals you have before you get the c.ancer and never have another one. A few weeks ago, I spent time with an oncologist in Arizona. As Jones found in his study, 100% of the c.ancer patients had a measurable dental problem and most of them had root canals. Most of them got c.ancer about 5-7 years after the root canal.

George Meinig, DDS, the dentist who invented the root canal procedure has spent much of his life lecturing on why the procedure should never be done. His book is called The Root Canal Cover-up and is available from Amazon.

Another toxin that inhibits the proteins mentioned above is mercury. Mercury is so poisonous that you have to wear a biohazard suit to handle it—unless you put it into the mouth and then the FDA says it is safe! However, the FDA admitted in court a few weeks ago that it has no proof that it is safe—duh!! You should get the mercury out of your mouth as well. However, be sure your dentist puts a sheet of rubber (rubber dam) around the tooth so you can’t swallow the fragments as he/she is drilling out the mercury. You must also have an oxygen mask so you don’t breathe the mercury fumes coming out of your mouth or the mercury will go straight to your brain. If your dentist says this isn’t necessary, go to a different dentist. I personally had my throat swell shut a few minutes after my dentist removed my mercury because I didn’t know about the danger and, of course, he didn’t protect me or himself (the reason dentists have the highest rate of suicide of any profession = mercury poisoning??)
I hope you are as thrilled as I am to know that half of us will not die from c.ancer as would happen without this knowledge.

Jerry Tennant, MD

1 – Pure Water
I like Sam’s Distilled with a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt

2 – Fresh Juice
  I use Juice man II – make your own, citrus, fruit, &
veggie juices daily

3 – Vegan Food
Stop eating the foods that are killing you-when you are
sick, eat vegan; when healthy eat the best

4 – Live Food
Eat salads, & raw veggies and nuts – soak seeds &
beans overnight =sprouts, snack on celery etc.

5 – Bowel Cleansing
This will do more than any thing else.
6 – Cleansing & Detoxification
clean your filters like you would your car’s – Liver, kidney

7 – Breath Deeper
Yogis, singers, athletes know that oxygen is a healer

8 – Stretching, Walking, Moving
  Move your body – exercise some – get oxygen &
nutrients into your cells and remove toxins

9 – Water Therapy
Alternate Hot & Cold H2O in shower 1 min each 7 times
This removes pain gets good things flowing

10 – Natural Clothing
Breast Cancer has been shown to be caused by
synthetic bras- your skin needs to breath

11 – Laugh More
  Learn jokes and share them daily. Subscribe to email

12 – Natural cleaning
Clean your body, home, car etc with natural products
eliminate toxins. Amway, Shaklee, Dr. Bronner etc.

13 – Stop Television
Sick- take a news fast = no garbage in your brain
Try talking to your family, friends for a change

14 – Trashing
Dump your old unused ‘Stuff” and bad emotional memorabilia
Donate to battered children’s center, or other neat place

15 – Love Life
Watch movies like “The Secrete”  Look around you and find
3 things, people you love, appreciate, enjoy daily

16 – Express Yourself
Hold it in and rot = tumors, etc. learn to communicate
consciously express yourself – maybe in dance, music,
poetry, email, a blog, public speaking, talk to your family,
friends.See “Conscious art of loving” – no blame

17 – Help Others
Do something nice for another daily, someone who can’t give
it back or pay it forward or the scout thing = help an old lady
cross the street.  This Opens our hearts.

18 – More Sex  “The Conscious Art of Loving”
Movie: “Like Water for Chocolate”  Bring “life” back into
your life. Experience Joy.

19 – Listening to Yourself
  What is your self talk? Positive? Body telling you?

20 – Love Yourself
Since you created all this fat – you can choose to create
something else – learn to love yourself the way are now;
If you want you can then change things, or not!

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