Getting to Know Manly Palmer Hall

//Getting to Know Manly Palmer Hall

One of the great initiates of the past century.

Manly Palmer Hall had already published his magnum Opus of hermetic teachings by the time he was 27 years old. The Secret Teachings of All Ages (free pdf download) is a truly remarkable work and a must read for all those who thirst for occult knowledge.

For those who would prefer to listen and not read please check out the 30+ hour reading of the Secret Teachings of All Ages Audio Podcast here

Besides his books he has recorded many lectures nearly all of which are available on the Manly P Hall Youtube video archive.

As we go forward we shall be sharing more videos from this incredible scholar. Many are wary of Manly P hall and his masonic and Illuministic leanings and we here at AetherForce share this caution. While hall was indeed involved with people of such dark associations and they no doubt influenced him, perhaps to a great degree, a true initiate should trust himself and see what can be learned. Follow your emotions.

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