The Geometry of Tetryonics

//The Geometry of Tetryonics

While mathematics is the language of science it remains a language that lacks a well defined physical model on which to test it and further its many and varied solutions to quantum mechanics. It is this lack of any rigid, enforceable geometry

[grammar] that has allowed the flourishing of numerous statistical and probabilistic solutions to the physical problems in turn impending our scientific advancement of quantum processes.


Mathematics is the Language of Physics, and Geometry is its Grammar.” K.C.ABRAHAM


Whatever it is that Physics lacks, stems from a foundational oversight and a failure to understanding reality at its most fundamental level. For a long time now, I’ve understood that something dire was wrong with physics, but I wouldn’t have been able to articulate what it was exactly. I’ve never been one to simply take the explanation of things at face value, and during my studies at a few different universities, it became more and more apparent that physics was at a loss with nowhere to turn.

What if I told you that humanity has been gifted with the ‘Geometric Key’ so many researchers have been seeking?  After having stumbled upon Tetryonics, my view of the universe changed forever. I have yet to recover from my first encounter of K.C. Abraham’s material, as the implications of this discovery are astounding. The difficulty with a presentation of this nature, is that it’s a radical departure from convention and it is too easily dismissed by even the most earnest of seekers. But ask yourself, “What if this is the Geometric Key?” Once your mind has taken but a glimpse and been able to internalize the geometry itself, you will certainly gain a more precise understanding of the inner workings of the universe.


“Many scientists find it hard to believe that the investigators who constructed the currently accepted theories could have made so many mistakes. It should be emphasized, therefore, that the profusion of conflicts between present-day ideas and our findings does not indicate that the previous investigators have made a multitude of errors. What has happened is, they have made a few serious errors that have had a multitude of consequences.” K.C.Abraham

The 3 laws of Tetryonics:1) Energy itself is equilateral 2) The law of interaction and all energy in whatever form, seek equilibrium 3) Once the system is in motion and it’s seeking equilibrium, it will continue indefinitely as it cycles through it’s various forms backwards and forwards.

What follows is mostly an extrapolation of content from various interviews found at and is only intended to be an introduction into Tetryonics.

Once the Equilateral Geometry itself was identified, and the very reason we have ‘squared’ numbers in the mathematics of physics, it was time to work through the basics of the standard model of quantum mechanics. From there Tetryonics, for the first time ever, is able to define and distinguish between Energy, 2-dimensional mass, and 3-dimensional Matter, what the difference between them is and how they come about through interactions.


In essence, the geometry provides a radical reinterpretation of the ‘squared’ numbers in physics and allows you to develop geometric models that you can print out on paper, cut out with a pair of scissors and with some tape, build physical models of three dimensional Matter. Basically all the subatomic particles that we will never be able to see with our own eyes, and all the basic electromagnetic fields. Everything that’s within the subatomic standard model of physics in quantum mechanics are then able to be resolved to a piece of paper full of equilateral triangles that you can print out, and are available in the work. They are called the Tetryonic Templates.


In one fell swoop, with an understanding of mass and Matter through geometry, and what electromagnetic charge is, how it’s made, how it comes about and it’s role in creating mass and Matter, Tetryonics completely re-writes the book of quantum mechanics as it stands today. It shows where the mathematics comes from, in terms of triangles, and how these triangles make all of the mass and Matter and all the fields, in other words, everything in physics that fills our universe, all comes from equilateral triangles otherwise known as Planck Quanta. Once you know the basic geometry that these Planck Quanta have and how they start to combine, the geometry immediately gives you more information about, what is a photon vs a boson, what causes a positive and a negative charge in the field, and what the phase relationships of the electric and magnetic fields are in each geometry.

There is far more information in the geometry than you get with the mathematics by itself. The Geometry of a Planck Quanta is the singular concept that needs to be fully comprehended. A Planck Quanta is an equilateral triangle, that has a positive charge on one side, and a negative charge on the other. This Energy, in and of itself, has no time component. It is not time dependent. It has two sides, one positive and one negative. The symmetric geometry of the field and the arrangement of the electric and magnetic dipole gives rise to all the material particles and immaterial forces that we observe and describe in physics that up until now have been mathematical abstractions.

The problem with our current understanding of math is that there are no rules to guide it, and one can pretty much do anything based upon the principles that are thought to be known. Using a single geometric principle however, Tetryonics re-builds our understanding of the universe from the ground up, not the top down as it’s been historically shown. This can be summed up as the perfect case where the complexity of mathematics is reduced to the simplicity of geometry. Tetryonics suggests that we can finally do math the right way, as we now hold onto the ‘Geometric Key’ that guides the language itself!


Tetryonics goes on to point out that the Planck-Einstein equivalence equation is dead wrong. Under the Planck-Einstein equivalence basically says that the frequency of the Planck Quanta in energy is equal to the frequency of the light. That is completely wrong, because once you know the geometry that is saying that Even equals Odd or 1 equals 2. Looking at the actual Planck Quanta, you can see immediately that a boson does not equal a photon. In a purely mathematical arena there is no problem equating the two because there was no way to differentiate. It all had the same energy.

This new way of looking at what makes up the universe, when taken to the maximum logical conclusion, simultaneously resolves the mysterious properties of both the quantum and cosmological scales in short order. Tetryonics says that Energy itself is equilateral. mass (which should never be capitalized) is simply that same equilateral energy geometry measured over time, and Matter (always capitalized) Topologies are revealed to be standing wave tetrahedron arrangements enclosing a volume of space in 3 dimensions. This is the first time that a proper distinction has been made between mass-Energy-Matter. Matter Topology create a positive displacement topology, and should never be confused with that of mass.  mass is not Matter, rather Matter has mass and is stored in each of the 4 charged fascia of the tetrahedron.


All forms of Matter have an inherent mass-Energy, and any force applied to a material particle will create a secondary KEM (Kinetic EM) field, where its linear momentum and electric field are arranged in the vector direction of motion. The KEM fields are fields of mass-Energy. So if a force is applied to a material particle, something that contains a positive displacement Topology, the energy of that force is stored in a secondary KEM field Geometry.

There is no Matter component to the secondary KEM field, and equally the mass-Energy momenta in the KEM field is not a part of the Matter Topology. They are distinct geometric components to a physical system. For so long we’ve been taught that the quantum realm is this mysterious place where strange things happen and interactions take place that we can’t see, and there are these invisible forces that we don’t really understand, and by nature it’s something that must be described with complex mathematics.

Obviously, Tetryonics has quite a lot to say about that and changes the rules of the game in a profound yet simple way. In essence, what you do with the equilateral Planck Quanta, that we draw pictures of and that we cut out and manipulate into forming these tetrahedra, are the exact representations of what’s happening on the quantum level. Albeit, scaled up by a huge amount so that we can actually manipulate them and handle them. You can use the paper models or even clear sheets of plastic, it doesn’t really matter. It’s the geometry of the triangle that gives us the forces and the color codes help us identify various aspects of the entire system and should never be overlooked when first learning Tetryonics.

Where you see the color codes for electric and magnetic fields, obviously those fields are just lacking color and are an invisible field of forces that interact in certain ways because of the geometry of the field itself, and that gives us properties of electric force, magnetic force, and linear momentum. We are taking a bold step here. We can finally get a proper handle on what the geometry is and how it all comes together, and we can use fully scaled up images to understand the underlying mechanics at work. There are currently 5 books of Tetryonics to date containing 1500 pages with one more book concerning Biology yet to be released. Each of these books help to reinforce each other especially as a greater understanding with the basic concepts develop.

It’s important to note that all Tetryonic materials are freely available. This article simply touches the very basics and by now it should be clear that Tetryonics holds a vast storehouse of information that far exceeds the scope of this introduction. For a much deeper discussion of where a Tetryonic understanding can lead, we would like to encourage you to download the source materials found below. 

Welcome to a new age in scientific understanding!


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