Build Your Own Chembuster and Take down Chemtrails!

//Build Your Own Chembuster and Take down Chemtrails!
Build Your Own Chembuster and Take down Chemtrails! 2014-03-28T18:23:15+00:00

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    Wilhelm Reich And The Orgonite Cloudbuster The Cloudbuster as designed by Wilhelm Reich did something amazingly well–it absorbed the negative orgone e
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    wow wow.

    crystal shop right next door!!!!!

    my uncle has all these stuff!


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    Watch some Marcel Vogel to connect more dots!

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    I would like to invite you to read my post about my modifications to the chembuster

    I have developed a way to build it so that the crystals are not locked in the bottom and can be removed. If they are locked, a black magician, sorcerer witch can cast a spell that will send binding and forever turning the whole matrix dark. This is not spoken of in the orgonite community. Orgonite needs proper grounding, and when you build it, they know it right away because this “aether” you talk about venturing into is actually HELL where all the devils work. Satanic covens move around every city working this spirtual battle to desytroy mankind, and they know by communicating with these devils where orgonite is being made and when you pour it they will find you. Ever wonder why Wilhelm Reich was officially silenced and his work destroyed? And the museum in his name is private? Orgone is real, and nobody in the “truther” world is a legitimate “truther” but is co-operating with these satanic covens. The reason is because they do deny the truth of
    Jesus Christ. Orgone power is real, but the true power comes from Jesus Christ himself. The only way you can actually defeat these evils in this world is through the power of Christ.


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    hmm, the aether is where the plasma based life forms know as archons, fallen angels, jinn, nags dwell. so i see your point in calling it hell, but not all of them are bad.

    what you say about orgonite being cast into a dark place is very interesting. like the game egress. how factions can take control of nodes. makes sense that orgnite would be a node which they could come into etc..

    what else do you know about how these creatures work and how can we defend our orgonite portals from them?

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    i’m not able to quote people in my post for some reason…sorry for this.

    Gogo roxy, can you offer special discounted prices on cyrystals for the Aetherforce community?  or perhaps refer us to suppliers?

    osiris, intresting theory.  do you have any personal experience with these chembusters?  i’ve also noticed that reich’s weather changing orgonite was grounded from the few pictures that i saw.  in fact it had extremely heavy grounding and if memory serves correct, there was a picture of the device with the ground on the shore where the water meets the land…  in regards to the hell comments, if you are refering to biblical hell, then no i don’t think that orgone is hell…  that’s not biblically sound.   i think that you will find my upcoming book about tesla and technologies in bible context very interesting.

    titus, intresting theory as well!   what are your sources?

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