Forbidden Books – Crowd Sourcing Quest

//Forbidden Books – Crowd Sourcing Quest

Forbidden Books – Crowd Sourcing Quest


There are some amazing books out there which are still being horded for money. They go for anywhere from $500.00 to $250.00 We must get these books, scan them in and share them with the people.


Many of these books are the rare connections with the ancient mystery schools of Pythagoras and more.

This is an All Points Bulletin to anyone who can get these books and scan them. Please upload it to our aetherforce public chest and we shall all work to make this knowledge free for all.

Book Scanning services such as 1 dollar scan, can scan books now at a very low cost so as along as we have the books, the rest is easy and this hidden knowledge shall be free for all the people.

Please feel free to leave a comment here with other books and follow our forum thread on Forbidden books.

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  • Jacob Alberts

    I just came from EnergeticForum, and read the bit about TZ’s family members spreading lies, trying to discredit him, & offering to fly him back to the US…

    Evidently you guys are doing something right if those kinds of people are rising up against you! That is a truly nasty crowd. Stay the heck out of the country and as far away from them as you can, TZ.

    If Aaron continues to associate with them I will have to reconsider supporting the book and video sales effort.

  • Derek Worthington

    Find this in English

    Roger Boskovich’s book “Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis”

  • bosgovich
  • Derek Worthington


  • Greg

    TechZ do you have the book JM Weed – Abnormal Voltages In Transformers[1915] .(pdf)?

  • Tech Zombie
  • Tech Zombie

    actually no greg, can’t find it, do have it?

  • Derek Worthington

    “The Law of the Squares” Series
    by: Prof. John R. R. Searl

  • maurizio vittoriano


    i love radionic, do you have the books of george de la warr or the ones of ruth drown ? any downloading pdf _ thanks

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