Exploring the Myths of “Settled Science” by David Talbott (VIDEO)

//Exploring the Myths of “Settled Science” by David Talbott (VIDEO)

Exploring the Myths of “Settled Science” by David Talbott (VIDEO)

David Talbott of the Thunderbolts Project gives a truly superb presentation on the foundations of science and how closely modern day science is true to the “scientific method”

Exploring the Myths of “Settled Science” from The Thunderbolts Project on Vimeo.


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  • ColoradoSpringsFilms

    Thanks Thunderbolts.
    Thanks Techz

  • Stewart Mcleod

    A fantastic talk , clear and compelling, I find it inexplicable that any scientist that has a genuine interest in the universe can ignore the blindingly obvious when it is presented to them.

    I have a couple of questions.

    Is the sun the fuel source? but is the mechanism that makes the sun burn this energy being ignited externally by plasma jets. Im not clear how the plasma jets or birkeland jets are created.

    Or is the sun the focal point of some gigantic circuit that is galactic in origin and the energy is driven along this circuit and the sun is merely the light bulb?

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