New Take on the MWO Healing Antenna

The MWO, multiwave oscillator, was a device created by Georges Lakhovsky’s in the 30’s.

It was supposed to provide healing benefits using radionics, the use of radio waves to heal. Radionics was discovered by Tesla and Lakhovsky’s sought Tesla’s help with it. According to Eric, Lakhovsky’s never wired it correctly and below is Eric’s take on this device. Eric redid the wiring and the geometry such that even without being powered by Tesla’s special circuitry it still had healing benefits!

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The purple-ish corona at the edges of the outer ring is high voltage on the antenna ionizing part of the air. What is ionizing the air is the displacement current, travelling to ground. The glow can be considered a partial arc, it ionizes some of the air on its way to ground, but not the whole path. What is interesting to note is the direction of the corona. The direction of the corona is the path of the dielectric flux. See how most of it is travelling straight down, to ground? It appears very little of the dielectric flux is travelling to the receiving antenna. The way this is wired, the dielectric flux will take the shortest path to ground.

In the following diagram by Eric, he numbers the rings according to this convention:

So far we have covered some ideas as to why the original MWO might not have produced a true multi-wave spectrum of RF. Now we will take a closer look, to see if the original antennas were producing much RF at all, or if it was purely a displacement current between antennas.

Looking at some of the pictures of the original antennas, it appears that the outer ring was shorted on both sides, that is there was no spark gap between them. If this was the case, there would be NO magnemotive force; no induced EMF to the center rings, the whole antenna would be at the same potential:

Not all of the antennas are of this design; there are antennas with an open outer ring as well. For the moment, let’s look at just the ones with a closed outer ring. This would effectively put the entire antenna at one potential, there would be no frequencies emitted! There could be no magnemotive force through the outer ring. Only a displacement current would exist between the two antennas. In this case the antenna construction wouldn’t matter; you might as well just use two plates of metal. The antennas just form a large capacitor! In this case a more apt name might be the “Multi-Wave Capacitor.”

Here is a diagram by Eric assessing this situation:

Looking at the reasearchers analysis of the original MWO, in the pdf noted in the beginning, the researchers noted that one side of the t-fitting was not conductive to the outer ring. That is, the outer ring did not appear to be shorted. There was some type of dielectric in between the outer ring and the t-fitting on one side. They surmised this might have been used to tune the antenna to be resonant to a particular frequency, 43 Mhz. A diagram illustrating the concept:

Still, there would only be a small amount of space in between the t-fitting and the insulated outer ring. What this effectively creates is a capacitor. The circuit would be as follows:

We all know a capacitor passes AC current, so the outer ring still could be considered “shorted” somewhat, suppressing a current around the outside ring.

Having looked at Lakhovsky’s original design, let’s take a look at what Eric originally thought Lakhovsky’s schematic was. He figured Lakhovsky was using a balanced setup, with each antenna being 180 degrees out of phase with relationship to each other, instead of the ground being referenced:

This design forces all the dielectric flux to flow back and forth between antennas, instead of to the closest ground. Additionally, it would prevent the neutral wiring of your home from becoming a huge antenna.

Now it is time to examine what Eric’s ideal version of what a multi-wave oscillator would be. This is Eric’s design separate from Lakhovsky’s work. To produce a true multi-wave oscillation, you need to produce a magnemotive force (current) in the outermost ring. So naturally the antenna would not be one wire connected, it would be connected on both ends:

In this design you can get the most magnemotive force(current) flowing in the outer ring, which produces an EMF in the center rings through mutual induction. Each ring oscillates and transmits its own resonant frequency, thus having a true multi-wave, or multi-frequency effect. With this version there is no receive antenna, only one antenna is needed to transmit the multiple wavelength oscillations. This is the way to actually produce a multi-wave oscillation, if that is what Lakhovsky was after. Also the transmit antenna is not limited to producing the individual wavelengths of its component rings. Listed in the additional links section are a few videos, in one of the videos Eric talks about “phantom antennas”. Note in the above picture the flat antenna is markedly different from the tubular ring construction seen in Lakhovsky’s originals, this is an original design by Eric Dollard.

Antenna Design
In Lakhovsky’s antenna, the rings progress in diameter and spacing according to musical scales. Each ring corresponded to a particular note (which scale I’m note sure). Eric came up with a new design. He figured if the goal of the antenna was to preserve and stimulate life, what better progression could there be than that of life itself: the Golden Ratio. This is the “golden ruler” found in nature and the human body. The proportions of the golden ratio are what define this antenna. Eric figured it would be easiest to create this antenna on a circuit board, and just have it plated. Otherwise it is more difficult to get tubes and bend them perfectly, have the correct proportional spacing, suspend them with an appropriate dielectric, and have the correct cross sectional diameter of each tube(this has to be exact according to the geometric progression used as well). Where the Lakhovsky uses spheres at the ends of each ring to form a capacitance, Eric used strips on the back of the printed circuit board:

Ultimately, Eric’s antenna didn’t require power to have beneficial effects. A sort of interesting piece of evidence: Where he lived there was a cat that would always sleep directly on the antenna. Eric insists a more through investigation of its beneficial effects needs to be studied.

In summary, Eric says it is difficult to conclude what aspect of the original Lakhovsky Multi-Wave oscillator was producing beneficial healing effects. Was it the weakly generated multiple frequencies? Was it the displacement currents in between the two antennas? Was it the stray RF in the neutral wiring where the MWO was plugged in? It is hard to say. A more thorough study would be required in order to conclude what exactly is the cause of any healing effects. If the healing effects are indeed to multiple wavelength oscillations, he feels his design would perform remarkably better than Lakhovsky’s original.

Additional Information:
Excerpt of an article written by Hessel Hoornveld, detailing his meeting with Serge Lakhovsky(George Lakhovsky’s son) in 1993:

I have to agree with Serge that the original Lakhovsky MWO works as no other I know. Furthermore, its antenna is totally different tot that used on other devices. Most use a Bergstresser or Beck antenna, this MWO works with hollow antenna rings, which are tuned. I confirmed that they were really tuned when I checked them using my electronic tuning device. When I tapped the second ring, my tunig device clearly indicated a C Sharp. The outermost ring is a fixed ring directly attached to the coil and is a C. The next ring is a C Sharp, the next a D and so on until the inermost ring, which is a C. In other words, a full octave complete with semitones. If we examine the tuned rings (sound therapy), they also correspond to the chakras (energy points on the body). C is the base chakra, D the sex chakra, E the solar plexus chakra and so on.

Each antenna ring is made from a different metal. What the metals are was not revealed to me. When I asked why different metals were used, I was told by Serge that they were chosen in connection with the different planetary positions. Although I would not guarantee that I am right, I have taken a studied guess. The outermost ring, the C, is made of brass, the second ring, a C Sharp, of a light rustproof metal, the third of copper, the fourth of brass, the fifth of a light rustproof metal, the sixth of copper, the seventh of brass, the eighth of a light rustproof metal, the ninth of copper, tenth of rass, the eleventh of copper , the twelfth of a light rustproof metal, and the thirteenth of brass. There are bracing wires running from the innermost to the outermost ring, which keep the antenna rings the correct distance apart.

However, existing photographs of the MWO show antennas with different numbers of rings. I saw one with twelve rings, while Serge’s MWO had thirteen with the innermost ring for the bracing wires. I do not know whether the thirteenth ring belongs to the antenna, but it seems very probable.


According to Serge, his father’s MWO does not work when the moon is full, or when it is enclosed in a Faraday Cage. The rings of the antenna are held together by means of a string, and energy does not flow between them by conduction by but by radiation. The antenna is thus capable of radiating gigantic quantities of energetic energy. The higher and more powerful the energetic field, the faster illnesses and degenerative processes are positively affected. The outermost ring, the C ring, is directly connected to the coil on both sides.

The reply to my request for a peek into the sanctum of the MWO was a definite no. Nevertheless, I hope that Serge will eventually give his permission because the technology involved is naturally of great interest to us all, and because I feel that his father’s work should be open to the view of everyone who is open to it. It seems to me that Serge’s fear that his father’s techniques would be misused can be ruled out, for there are few people around today who are capable of dealing with this type of energy.

When Serge demonstrated the MWO, two spark gaps could be seen. There is a large coil behind each of the two antennas, which are brought into resonance with each other. The whole technique is based on oscillation and resonance!! The sound of the two spark gaps is very stable and serene. No sparks jump from one antenna ring to another, as occurs with the Bergstresser and Beck antennas. It’s quite safe to come vcery close to the antenna rings with a car key, although sparks begin to jump continuously from a distance of about six centimeters. This does not cause an unpleasant sensation though. This indicates agoldenmeanantennan extremely high voltage, high frequency and extremely rapid pulse behavior through the spark gap, and I suspect that the MWO contains a rotating mechanical spark gap.

The electricity needed to operate the MWO is supplied from a wall socket, which causes a fair degree of interference in the public electricity supply. This is something which was permitted in the past, but which is actually no longer allowed. Due to such interference, alarm systems, computers, answering machines and telephone systems etc. could suffer damage, or start to lead a life of their own. It was only possible to operate the MWO for a short period of time, about five minutes, or else it would overheat.

The device is grounded through the mains. It may be that this was done in order to enable the feed cable connected to the wall socket to be used as a (capacitor). This works even when an earth connection is not present.

Serge did not want to answer my question concerning the relationship between his father, George Lakhovsky, and Nikola Tesla; a brief silence followed. We know from available information that the two worked together, and that Tesla was also involved in the development of the MWO. Nikola Tesla had more than 1.000 patents to his name, and was the discoverer of alternating current, and induction motors.

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