Electro-Magnetic Radiation Mega Chart

//Electro-Magnetic Radiation Mega Chart

Reflection, refraction, diffraction, oh my! Dive into the wonderful world of electromagnetic radiation–i.e., the energy that travels through space in waves, like x-rays, microwaves and good old visible light.

radiationbiggerLawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a national security lab in California, put this poster produced in 1944 by the W.M. Welch Scientific Company up on the lab’sFlickr page¬†recently. Apparently it was rescued from the back corner of an unused office. Who’d want to hide this piece of science history?

See a full-screen version¬†here. If you want to get up close and personal with the illustrations (including a great little sketch of how you get a sunburn), there’s a really, really big version¬†here.

Thanks to Laurens Naude for the link!


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