Electricity and Electronic Tutorials List

//Electricity and Electronic Tutorials List

Electricity and Electronic Tutorials List


Having a good grasp of the fundamentals of Electricity is critical for us raw beginners. The below tutorials are the best we have found thus far. If you know of more, Please comment

Basic Tutorial Videos –


Old US Department of Defense Tutorials from the 50’s.  These are GOLD


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  • ColoradoSpringsFilms

    Hoho, this is a nice little list for a youngun like myself. Thanks mate.

  • Steffex

    This is awesome! Im going to look into these in the weekend. Looks like alot of cool things to learn

  • Sec-Amend

    Awesome list, thanks for the hard work!

  • Matthew

    Absolutely Wonderful! Thanks for the List, I Love watching these; so informative!

  • Robert

    Thank you. In tech school I learned much pre-solid state theory and practice, about how to build filters (using inductors, capacitors and resisters, not op-amps) and transformers. It was hardly relevant to fixing (the then current) circuit boards but I can now see the use of it.

  • anonymous_coward

    Scopes for Dopes. Tutorial video on oscilliscopes:

  • Tetryonics

    You guys are amazing. Thank you so very much!

  • Aether

    You know I was thinking,if an earth quake could be detected enough in advance,perhaps Tesla’s infamous
    earth quake machine concept could be used to create an equal and opposite (inverse wave form) to neutralize
    the shake, and stop the earth quake in it’s tracks, at the epicenter? Perhaps someday?

    just a thought.

  • John Doe

    do you have a clue of how much energy is involved in an earthquake? i Don’t, but as humans quantifie it with x10(x100) Hbomb… my clue is … live with it… nature is not managable as the scientific dogma like to suggest it.

  • Clifford Gobreski

    Great refresher TZ, lots of basics to relearn after a 30+ yr career.

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