Electrets – Permanent Electrical Magnets

//Electrets – Permanent Electrical Magnets

Imagine if you could create an object that would give off a permanent static electric field?

Well you can. They are called electrets. Just like a magnet gives off a permanent magnetic field and electret gives off a permanent static electrical field. The process was discovered by the greatest experimenter of all time, Michael Faraday but the nineteen letter name he gave it proved to be to cumbersome for Oliver Heaviside and he called them electrets instead.

So are our energy problems over? If we can create an object that gives off permanent electricity isn’t that all we need? Electrets give off a permanent static electrical field but that is different from the electricity that flows from our walls. Electricity is a combination of a magnetic field and an electric field. Currently the only way we know how to create electricity is by passing a conducting wire through a magnetic field, this was discovered by Faraday in 1831.

While we may not yet have the solution to creating electricity by utilizing an electret and other possibly magnetic components we are one step closer to the truth by rediscovering this amazing innovation. Electrets have been used in electret microphones but other than that have all but disappeared  even the study of electro statics has fallen to the way side… Why? Perhaps there is something here that certain people prefer we not focus on.

Here is some excellent books and papers on Electrets 

Electrets can be made with something as simple as Beeswax and high voltage DC supply. There are several techniques for making electrets

There are no good videos for making an Electret … yet… will you be the one to make one?

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