Dutch Engineer may have the Missing Link To Hydrogen Cell Efficiency

//Dutch Engineer may have the Missing Link To Hydrogen Cell Efficiency

HHO Cell technology allows us to use ordinary tap water instead of gasoline.


All gas engines on the planet could be converted to this system if only the efficiency could be improved. The process work by running an electrical current through water. This splits up the H20 molecule into two hydrogen and one oxgen atom or into HHO aka brows gas, depending on whom you believe  These molecules are more explosive than gas and will thus work very well as an alternative to gasoline. The problem is that it currently takes so much electricity to break down the water that using gasoline is more efficient.

The last fellow who go close to the solution was American inventor Stan Meyers. Stan got the efficience process to the point where it became a better alternative than gasoline but died from a very bad case of food poisoning just before he was about to meet some investors. Those who have continued in his footsteps have only gotten so far…

A Dutch electrical engineer Arend Lammertink may have found the solution. Here is his theory which revolves around recreating the special capacities of electrolytic capacitors to drastically improve HHO creation efficiency  At it’s core this is an aetheric process and getting this right will open the door to all manner of aetheric energy solutions . All those daring souls who want to give this a try make your intent known here and maybe Arend will give us a helping hand.



Let me first introduce myself briefly. I hold a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Twente, The Netherlands, and have been studying free energy systems, like Meyers’, for more than 5 years.

What I have discovered over the years is that there are possibilities to extract energy out of the environment / ZP field / aether / or whatever name you prefer.

I posted a thread at Russ Gries’ site about how I think Meyer was able to create an “over-unity” system, which of course is not actually over-unity. It uses an energy source which is available, but has not been recognized/identified so far. I am confident I have identified it:

Prof. Claus Turtur wrote an interesting piece, wherein he shows that the propagating electric (and magnetic) fields loose energy (to the vacuum), while apparently the particles (electrons, atom nuclieï, etc) that emit these fields draw energy from somewhere, since they don’t loose mass. He came up with the idea that there is a circulation of energy between the vacuum and these particles and therefore you can in principle tap the energy emitted by particles in the shape of electro-magnetic fields: – mirror

When you accept the propagating EM fields to transport energy and you accept particles to somehow draw energy from the vacuum, which they emit in the shape of “static” electro-magnetic fields, then you have a foundation for building devices which draw their energy from the vacuum.

I believe Stan Meyer did this by creating a thin, semi-permanent polarized dielectric layer on his fuel cell tubes, which would be akin to an electret, just as happens in a normal electrolytic capacitor. Because these layers are very thin, it apparently is

possible to induce a very strong electric field in a thin area inside the water around the dielectric, such that the field strength exceeds the dielectric breakdown field strength of water, which then apparently splits into hydrogen and oxygen.

So, then you have a polarized dielectric which is, according to Turtur, capable of pulling in energy from the vacuum and convert that to electric field energy. And then this energy is converted into a usable fuel by having it split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

At least, that’s my theory in a nutshell.

To sum this up: I am confident that I have not only identified the energy source being used, but also the mechanism by which it is utilized. This gives you all you need to be able to make a successful replication of Meyer’s technology, which may even exceed the success achieved by Ravi and Lawton, so far the best replications to my knowledge, which are completely in line with my theoretic considerations.

Perhaps these considerations are helpful in your research.

Kindest regards,

Arend Lammertink, MSc.


All Files for this project can be found here

Feel free to upload relevant documents to the above site for all on this project to share.

Arend’s theory also sheds new light on the Lindeman analysis of the the Meyers process.


Arend has also prepared a shopping list for this HHO cell  which can be found here.

For the housing of the cell and other components, we are looking at this site, which sells almost all the needed parts and electronics under one roof:…awton.html

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