Dutch Engineer may have the Missing Link To Hydrogen Cell Efficiency

//Dutch Engineer may have the Missing Link To Hydrogen Cell Efficiency

Dutch Engineer may have the Missing Link To Hydrogen Cell Efficiency

HHO Cell technology allows us to use ordinary tap water instead of gasoline.


All gas engines on the planet could be converted to this system if only the efficiency could be improved. The process work by running an electrical current through water. This splits up the H20 molecule into two hydrogen and one oxgen atom or into HHO aka brows gas, depending on whom you believe  These molecules are more explosive than gas and will thus work very well as an alternative to gasoline. The problem is that it currently takes so much electricity to break down the water that using gasoline is more efficient.

The last fellow who go close to the solution was American inventor Stan Meyers. Stan got the efficience process to the point where it became a better alternative than gasoline but died from a very bad case of food poisoning just before he was about to meet some investors. Those who have continued in his footsteps have only gotten so far…

A Dutch electrical engineer Arend Lammertink may have found the solution. Here is his theory which revolves around recreating the special capacities of electrolytic capacitors to drastically improve HHO creation efficiency  At it’s core this is an aetheric process and getting this right will open the door to all manner of aetheric energy solutions . All those daring souls who want to give this a try make your intent known here and maybe Arend will give us a helping hand.



Let me first introduce myself briefly. I hold a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Twente, The Netherlands, and have been studying free energy systems, like Meyers’, for more than 5 years.

What I have discovered over the years is that there are possibilities to extract energy out of the environment / ZP field / aether / or whatever name you prefer.

I posted a thread at Russ Gries’ site about how I think Meyer was able to create an “over-unity” system, which of course is not actually over-unity. It uses an energy source which is available, but has not been recognized/identified so far. I am confident I have identified it:

Prof. Claus Turtur wrote an interesting piece, wherein he shows that the propagating electric (and magnetic) fields loose energy (to the vacuum), while apparently the particles (electrons, atom nuclieï, etc) that emit these fields draw energy from somewhere, since they don’t loose mass. He came up with the idea that there is a circulation of energy between the vacuum and these particles and therefore you can in principle tap the energy emitted by particles in the shape of electro-magnetic fields: – mirror

When you accept the propagating EM fields to transport energy and you accept particles to somehow draw energy from the vacuum, which they emit in the shape of “static” electro-magnetic fields, then you have a foundation for building devices which draw their energy from the vacuum.

I believe Stan Meyer did this by creating a thin, semi-permanent polarized dielectric layer on his fuel cell tubes, which would be akin to an electret, just as happens in a normal electrolytic capacitor. Because these layers are very thin, it apparently is

possible to induce a very strong electric field in a thin area inside the water around the dielectric, such that the field strength exceeds the dielectric breakdown field strength of water, which then apparently splits into hydrogen and oxygen.

So, then you have a polarized dielectric which is, according to Turtur, capable of pulling in energy from the vacuum and convert that to electric field energy. And then this energy is converted into a usable fuel by having it split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

At least, that’s my theory in a nutshell.

To sum this up: I am confident that I have not only identified the energy source being used, but also the mechanism by which it is utilized. This gives you all you need to be able to make a successful replication of Meyer’s technology, which may even exceed the success achieved by Ravi and Lawton, so far the best replications to my knowledge, which are completely in line with my theoretic considerations.

Perhaps these considerations are helpful in your research.

Kindest regards,

Arend Lammertink, MSc.


All Files for this project can be found here

Feel free to upload relevant documents to the above site for all on this project to share.

Arend’s theory also sheds new light on the Lindeman analysis of the the Meyers process.


Arend has also prepared a shopping list for this HHO cell  which can be found here.

For the housing of the cell and other components, we are looking at this site, which sells almost all the needed parts and electronics under one roof:…awton.html

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  • Absenthe

    Rings a bell what this Dutch Engineer says with Lindermann. Keep up the great work is all i can say to Eric and the other People working to bring this to the people.

  • I made a shopping list for those who would like to get their hands dirty right away:

    Please do wait until tomorrow, cause we haven’t had a chance go place our own order yet. 😉

    And do note that there are quite a lot of details to be filled in regarding the conditioning process for the pipes, which will have to be solved by studying tha electrolytic capacitor “old school” book:

  • Tech Zombie

    awesome Arend,

    Just updated the article!

    Can’t wait to try this myself!
    Going to read that book first!
    wish he had a pdf

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  • Kert

    Hello Mr.Arend and Tech,

    I guess you already know this gentelmen filipiino Daniel Dingel and his reaserch. According to the info in the web he has been doing HHO from 1969. What do you think of him? Some secret there was about the heating the water before the catalyzer.

    I am notsure how real is the HHO process in the presentation but it left a good impression and lot of unanswered questions:


  • Jim

    Tangential to the above but might be an interesting technology to “Aetherify.”

    Atmospheric water generators: . So if equipment can be made to be fueled with water / hydrogen it can be taken right out of the atmosphere. Less of course is available in dryer areas such as the deserts of the west but some can still be generated this way.

  • “Prof. Claus Turtur wrote an interesting piece, wherein he shows that the propagating electric (and magnetic) fields loose energy (to the vacuum), while apparently the particles (electrons, atom nuclieï, etc) that emit these fields draw energy from somewhere, since they don’t loose mass. He came up with the idea that there is a circulation of energy between the vacuum and these particles and therefore you can in principle tap the energy emitted by particles in the shape of electro-magnetic fields:”

    Sounds like Tesla’s theory of Environmental Energy.

  • Note that I made some important alterations in the shopping list, because a/o the place holders we intended to use do not fit within a 110mm Lawton tube. See the thread at posted in the article.

    @Kert: I think I have seen this video or a similar one before, but I don’t know anything about it. I guess it’s using the same principle if it works.

    @Jim: When used as a fuel, you get more or less clean water out of your exhaust pipe, apart from contamination because of lubrication oil burning, etc. So, in principle, one could recycle the water from the exaust for re-use, but it may be technically challenging because of contaminations.

    @Artful : yes, indeed.

  • Note that I made some important alterations in the shopping list, because a/o the place holders we intended to use do not fit within a 110mm Lawton tube. See the thread at posted in the article.

    And there I also made a pdf version of the current thread, just to make sure this information remains available:

    Also uploaded to the chest:

  • Justin

    You may want to check out a company in NJ that got 75 million to develop these kind of cells. They are currently hiring as well.

    If you have a background in chemistry and interest in this it might be the job for you…

  • Thanks, mailed them the same message as above. No job for me, though. Don’t do proprietary closed source work on this subject, and besides, I don’t want to leave the place I currently live, either. 🙂

  • May be interesting to keep an eye on the “views” counter for my thread at:

    Currently, it says 1415, this morning it read something like 1150.

    The guys at the 75 million company invented a new word, “Hydrino”, which means they don’t have the slightest idea what they are dealing with. So, you can add that to your bullshit-bingo list. 🙂

    I really wonder what happens next, now they find out how it really works and that it can’t be patented anymore, because some crackpot put it all on the interwebs for all to see and replicate. That might set of quite a chain of alarm bells… 😀

  • anonymous_coward

    Hi TechZ,

    I’m working on getting the PDF of the “Electrolytic Capacitor” book. I’ll post it in the keychest when finished.


    p.s. Keep up the amazing work everyone. 🙂

  • anonymous_coward

    Ok, the PDF is finished. I uploaded it to the Public Keychest:

    I also posted a 7zip file of the original PNG scan images for anyone who wants to convert it to their format of choice.

    Happy reading.

  • John Joyce

    Dear Techz,

    I am from Ohio and I remember when Stan Myers was succeeding in developing this in Columbus.

    This reminds me of what Eric said he regretted and reproached Tesla about, i.e. not writing books because of the capitalist mentality. Thereby things get lost.

    In this case I can report two things: Myers really did drive from Ohio to a distant western state on only water fuel and he visited what was then the NASA Lewis Research Center in Cleveland (NASA Glenn now) and he stated that it was because NASA was interested. I do not know what he told NASA.

    Even then I thought showing it to NASA was like a third grader showing the eighth grade bullies where his mother keeps the grocery money.

    Best regards,

    John Joyce


  • scout

    What is this guy doig here? he seems to be dumbfounded…

  • Robert

    I would say with certainty that anyone in this field who discovers something worthwhile AND keeps it secret while bragging about it, WILL be destroyed.

    It follows therefore that:

    1. The people who have been around for years, begging for “investors” in their secret process, are frauds, BECAUSE they’re still around.

    2. If you have the real deal of a discovery, you had better publish it openly, so that there is no point to anyone assassinating you. And if you keep it secret, then it serves you right if you get killed.

  • Paul

    Dear Aether Force team,

    Following your efforts and all free energy lectures before for many years, there always was the idea to ask Eric about the Stanley Meyer circuit. At this point we all have many ideas approaches how to make the HHO feasible. By looking only at all different designs (transformer vs. no transformer), (long thin coil vs. short thick coil), (bifilar vs. not bifilar), (ferrite toroid vs. ferrite rod) etc we can tell that we are stumbling like blind mules on this subject. What it boils down to is to create a powerful discharge in the water with the smallest practical energy input. We know now that electrons do not flow but we have hard time to envision how the lines of force that make electricity act in various conditions maybe it is similar to Euler’s law or maybe not. Perhaps this would be a great practical project that could serve as a learning curve to understand the Aether. Perhaps Eric would be willing to analyse the last part of Mayer circuit (transformer, coils, diode and cell), and sell it to us as a lecture. Suppose he tells us what to do (monkey see monkey do) that would be of no use, but a lecture how it works can do wonders.

  • Robert

    Where is the theory behind the Meyer claims? It seems like just another “do this, do that, and voila! energy appears.” The person is secretive, always having talks with investors, and then dies. No theory and it depends on faith that his claimed results actually occurred (i.e., they are irreproducible), and therefore gullibility. It is repeating pattern (sans the dying part) in the energy field. I would attach no credibility to something that is simply ritual without some explanatory theory, especially given the known imperfections of human motivations.

    Eric said in one of his videos that, in his opinion, most free energy schemes are frauds, and I tend to agree.

  • mladen


    Stanley Mayer found out that water can be PHISICALY (not chemicaly) split by high DC voltage with condenser/capacitors made from inox submerged in water.

    Voltage was 20.000 V or higher.

    He was also modulating and pulsing DC with frequency from 5 – 20 KHz.

    That is the secret of high production.

    You need to achieve resonance of condenser – capatitor submerged in water as inox tubes of different radius.

    He also restricted ampsalmost to zero.

    You can, as I did, buy LPG converted car – than experiment with 12 v batteries to transform DC to AC of high voltage, modulate it and than again transform it do DC of desired properties.

    I think that Sun works this way.


  • mladen


    To achieve resonance – inox tubes must be of same weight – one with smaller radius will be little longer. Stanley used 21.50 cm long inner tube.

    Maybe dimensions of tubes have something with wavelenght of Hydrogen and Oxygen frequency?

    I think that Sun works this way – on Sun there is abundant water vapour that is traveling from surface to Sun’s atmosphere with increase of temperature. During that process Sun’s natural high voltage brakes water in oxygen and hydrogen. Elements in atmosphere than again burn, releasing heat and forming water vapour which travels back to surface gaining lost energy in process.

    That would explain why Sun is colder on surface.

  • Tech Zombie


    This is great info. I believe you.
    I have just finished researching Stan,s work. he definitely figured out how to get a car to run on water alone via his water fuel cell.

    He then went much farther and tried to get it to run off energied air alone, perhaps a just a little water, the water in the air. This is where his injector came in. He was going for a purely aetheric process with this injector and never did finish it.

    Stan was the real deal and an aether mage we can all look up too.

    Patrick Keylly’s book has a greta summary of his work in chapter 10.

  • Tech Zombie

    awesome work, I made a nice pdf out of it.

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