DMT without DMT – The Hypnagogic Light Experience

//DMT without DMT – The Hypnagogic Light Experience

The Austrian neurologist and psychologist Dirk Proeckl is a real visionary person. As a true child of the late 70s hippie times he was always interested in psychedelics and mystic traditions. Together with his friend and partner, the psychotherapist Engelbert Winkler, who had a near-death-experience during his childhood, they both developed a light-and-rhythm-machine that allows psychedelic experiences without taking drugs. Lucia No.3, as the machine is called, spread around the planet in the last 4 years and is used by therapists, artists, psychonauts and all kinds of ordinary people too. The machine is supposed to set free DMT-like hallucinogenic substances that the body produces itself. Dirk and Engelbert are constantly travelling to international conferences and experimented with Tibetan monks as well as on the summit of Kilimanjaro in Africa. In 2012 he visited the Boom Festival, discovered the Psytrance scene, and saw the potential of the many new transformative movements in the Psytrance generation that could change the world to the better. His amazing invention is a way for him to participate in the new global tribal scene and now he wants to offer the LED-stroboscope-and-rhythm-machine experience also on festivals in Europe and abroad. They left this mission to Dirk’s son Robin, a devoted psytrance-fraggle, who will contact some organizers in spring to have a stand on several festivals in 2015 for everybody to try the new experience.



On the Road

The new mobile version of the hypnagogic light experience can be set in a tent at festivals this summer in the chillout or healing area– with or without the influence of hallucinogenic substances. In combination with drugs it’s one’s own responsibility, although there are no problems in combination with hallucinogenic substances. It only needs a tent with a curtain in order to facilitate the 15-30 minutes experience for everybody willing to try. Robin needs only a power plug and the rest is organized himself.

More information on the hypnagogic light experience:

Contact to Robin Proeckl: [email protected] or via


Die neue mobile Version der Hypnagoge Lichterfahrung kann in jedem Zelt auf jedem Festival im Chillout oder der Healing Area aufgestellt werden– mit oder ohne die Wirkung von halluzinogenen Subs- tanzen. In Kombination mit Drogen ist es eure Verantwortung, obwohl es keine Probleme in Kombination mit halluzinogenen Substanzen gibt. Es benötigt lediglich ein Zelt mit einem Vorhang, um die 15-30 minütige Erfahrung zu erleichtern für jeden der es ausprobieren mag. Robin braucht bloss eine Steckdose und der Rest läuft von alleine.

Mehr Info zur „Hypnagogic Light Experience: Kontakt zu Robin Proeckl: [email protected] or via facebook:

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