DIY Symbolic Hieronymus Machine – By Joseph Max

//DIY Symbolic Hieronymus Machine – By Joseph Max

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Editor Notes:
He has many more awesome tutorials about radionics. There are other tutorials around about building a symbolic machine but many took the graphics from his site.

I hope with this post to give more exposure to him and his awesome site, if there is something wrong with it just drop me a line below.

Some words about Charles Cosimano: To be honest this guy is the only person that has wrote easy to follow guides  about using radionics for other things besides healing, i doubt you can find something easier to follow than his books.
He might have some peculiar morals which i leave you to judge, he has his points for it, he had to fight against russian psychic in the cold war, people that never experienced first hand psionic encounters have no idea how ugly it can get, and trust me sending “love” won’t save you, that was a clever strategy put forward by the ones running the show so nobody counter attacks, just research the Tavistock institute that are in charge of social engineering.
Certainly if more people mastered radionics now a days we wouldn’t be in the mess we are at the moment. Things like Bilderberg group wouldn’t even exist cof cof. Its up to you what to do with it once you absorb this knowledge.

He also shows you the scope of what can be done with this technologies, and certainly this is  how this world is run by other similar methods.
You will get a preview of what psionic war is about and capable of, many people really underestimate what can be done with it, and trust me if you are in a serious path for knowledge you will encounter this kinds of hardships sooner or later, it doesn’t take much to a group of trained people to scan a place with a pendulum take witness and shot their thoughtforms, and sooner or later you get diseases, accidents and havoc in your life.
This is an epidemic now a days, the mechanism of social control has gone this far. If you are not aware of it you are a victim feeding their system with your energy.
Many use this knowledge to cripple, kill and throw of the research road, scientist and people that advance forward the knowledge in this world, whether you are aware of it or not.
The only solution to this is working on yourself otherwise fall to the gravity of life and decompose, it takes work to raise, and a moment to fall.

This technology is the only thing that can stop this wave of world wide totalitarianism, the so called “new world order”, and they are also using it to fulfill their plans.

Use this knowledge under your own risk, i personally dislike the use of grimoires and solomon seals, and those yucky entities, i don’t deal with them at all, now and never, they are the ones that are being fed with all this havoc in the world, this beings are the ones that put this people on power. No way im going to give them more fuel… Anyway don’t take my word for it do your own research and keep judgment suspended till all facts are in.

Now to the main article!, enjoy it! and happy learning.

A holiday gift from Aetheric Arts!

Build your own Symbolic Hieronymus Machine with these handy graphics.

Click on the images above for the high resolution versions. (Note: the dial is a separate image, so download both!)

The Symbolic Hieronymus Machine image can be downloaded and printed out, and should fit nicely on a Letter or A5 size sheet.


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  1. Print out the Hieronymus diagram and the knob.
  2. Mount the diagram and knob on a suitable backing. The easiest way to do this is take the printed sheet to a printing service and have it laminated. This gives you a suitable surface material from which to get stick reactions from the sensor pad. Also have the knob laminated, and cut it into a circle after laminating. (Note: don’t cut too close to the paper under the laminate – leave a few millimeters of plastic “framing” the images.)
  3. For a high quality version, glue the laminated diagram to a piece of stiff plastic, bakelite or thin plywood (silicon “goop” is good for this.) Then mount rubber feet underneath at the corners. This give you a solid device that can sit on a tabletop.
  4. Cut a small hole through the center of the knob, and another hole through the center of the dial on the diagram. Use a suitable length and diameter screw, washers and bolt to fasten the dial to the diagram, so it rotates freely.

An alternative to using a stiff backing is to use a piece of 1/4″ thick corkboard and attach the knob with a simple thumbtack.

Your Symbolic Hieronymus Machine is ready to use!


For complete instructions on using psionic machines in general, I refer the reader to the excellent description found in Charles “Uncle Chuckie” Cosimano’s book, Elementary Psionics, which can be downloaded for free here. (Thanks, Uncle Chuckie!)

Here are the particular instructions for using the controls of the Symbolic Hieronymus Machine.

Basic operation:

  1. Prepare the machine for work by exposing to bright sunlight or by waving a strong magnet over it for at least ten seconds, a few inches above the surface in a random pattern.
  2. (Optional) Place a power object, such as a crystal, talisman (or even a small watch battery) on top of the “POWER” section.
  3. Place the witness sample on top of the round spiral (leaf clipping, hair, fur, photograph or other witness that represents the Target of the work.)
  4. Stroke the stick pad while concentrating on the purpose of the working. Starting with the pointer on “0”, turn the tuning dial until a stick reaction is felt on the fingers stroking the pad. The easiest way to turn the knob is to rest one finger lightly on it to spin it. If you dial all the way to the “100” without a reaction, turn it back-and-forth and keep scanning until you get a reaction.

Alternatively, you can use a pendulum suspended over the Sensor Pad instead of using your fingertips. Tune the dial until you get a pendulum reaction.

  1. Release your fingers from the stick pad (or remove the pendulum) and the Machine will continuously broadcast the tuned intention to the target.

Anything more complex (and there are many things more complex you can do with a Psionics machine) refer to Uncle Chuckie’s book above.

A happy Winter holiday and prosperous New Year to all!

NOTICE: I reserve copyright (c) 2010 to the images of the Symbolic Hieronymus Machine linked on this page. No commercial reproduction or use is allowed without permission.

Update:  Another variation available for your enjoyment:
Gratitudes goes to YuRa Yagolnizer facebook user in radionics group.

Usage guidelines:

“If you want you can print it out FOR PRIVATE USE (non commercial), those two images i posted are already in the right size for printing on A4 size page (both sides), you can then cover it with plastic illumination at some store and buy maybe some potentiometer, make a hole and place it in.., have fun with it- Yura Yagolnizer

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