Deep down inside, we are perfect, and nothing can touch or change that. We just tend to forget that truth as we engage in the 3D play of finding ourselves and accessing our divine nature. When we have cleared enough of the material-emotional debris from our consciousness, we need to begin focusing on “refilling” the vessel. That’s where healthy self-love and compassion come into the picture, which permit us to surrender and let emerge what was always within us: love.

In other words, instead of constantly pulling out weeds (or worse, unconsciously replanting even more weeds) whilst always looking for something that’s ‘wrong’ with us, we should be drawing our attention to the task of watering the flowers and planting the seeds for more flowers to bloom. ‘Flowers’, in this analogy, are positive re-enforcements, co-creative love, compassion, and forgiveness for self and others.

Some people may think that this is an avoidance strategy, and can be used to fuel narcissistic tendencies. However, I’m talking about a specific state of consciousness that can rise above it all. It’s the emergence into the light after spending time exploring the underworld. Many of us tend to forget that this ‘mission’ is what it is all about when we find ourselves stuck in “making the darkness conscious” mode – constantly pointing out what is “wrong” with the world, with others and ourselves (or when we keep blaming the world and others from a victim state mentality, projecting our own shadow).

It is possible to consistently experience positive emotions, but not from a forceful place of escapism, which would be spiritual bypassing and avoidance (see…/spiritual-bypassing-relationshi…/). We need to do the groundwork of clearing before we can truly anchor a higher frequency and consistently stay there. Some of us may still be in need of a lot of clearing/working though our shadow, which is fundamental to creating the vessel for higher frequencies to anchor.

Narcissism is an inflated egoic shadow-state, and has nothing to do with the self-love I speak of – this affirming harmonic doesn’t need praise, validation or attention from outside ourselves. It is not concerned with the opinions which others have of us. It doesn’t listen to the “negative introvert”, our self-diminishing thoughts of guilt, shame, and insecurity, nor will it get inflated by flattery and compliments. It is also not an aloof/intellectual state of being, detached from our body and emotions. It is connected to the divine within us – something that is untouchable and cannot be defined nor described by the limitations of language.

By consistently experiencing positive emotions in a fully embodied and integrated way – as opposed to chasing a philosophical/spiritual ideal in a contrived way (of being positive/loving and ignoring the negative, one of the fallacies of “New Age Thought”), we also turn off the food source for negative hyperdimensional entities. In other words, we can starve them to the point that they lose interest and move on, and we don’t become subjected to their constant attacks and manipulations.

By raising our frequency/vibration, hyperdimensional negative entities cannot touch us, since there is no frequency ‘match’ – no food on their plate – when one emits this higher vibration of positive emotion and love (in the true sense of the word ‘love’ – a holistic higher state of consciousness, not merely an emotional state, even though positive emotions are a result of that). The “discipline” needed for that is not some rigid routine – as Don Juan said in “The Active Side of Infinity”, it is “The art of facing infinity without flinching, not because they [Sorcerers/Warriors] are strong and tough but because they are filled with awe.”

In other words, it is about having faith and embracing the unknown. It also means to embrace our vulnerability, which creates a deeper strength, as opposed to building a tough shell via avoidance of our vulnerability which ultimately disconnects us from our bodies. Anchoring these higher frequencies through ourselves doesn’t mean we won’t be subjected to negative emotions anymore, or that we’ll just walk around in bliss. It’s a process, and stuff still may come up. The key is to not resist it, but to get into it, and fully feel what is arising within that part of your Being.

We live in a world where most people run away from their internal pain, and project it outwardly onto the world (and other people) in unconscious ways. In short, it’s the avoidance of unconscious, repressed pain that creates conflict between people, which can even be ‘scaled-up’ into inter-tribal, “us versus them” warfare.

Unacknowledged and unprocessed negative emotions are exactly what the archonic overlords feed upon, which is why they try their best to keep us in that lower frequency through the mechanism of our own minds, which most often results in us fighting each other. We can see how this dynamic ties into cyber-bullying in this interconnected day and age.

This is the ultimate form of self-love: being good to ourselves and our inner child. The more we do that, the less we will experience negative emotions, and the easier it can be to consistently stay on a higher frequency of love. We don’t need psychological labels or analysis for this process. It’s not about simply reading books on psychology in order to figure out what is wrong with us, or to put a judgmental label on us or others. I’m not saying that basic psychological knowledge is not needed, as it can help us in our processes, and I feel that basic psychological education has its place and is definitely needed in our society, especially with regards to understanding shadow projection, childhood wounding, etc.

However, western psychology in itself can become a head-trip when we try to analyze ourselves (and others) with our minds instead of just getting into our body and feelings – without thinking – and just letting it all arise in love. Love simply involves being compassionate towards all experiences, and accepting ourselves without judgment. Psychological analysis can become a trap and never-ending loop of self-inquiry, when oftentimes the solution and healing is simpler than we make it out to be; it’s just that our intellectual ego likes to complicate things at times.

Relying on psychological self-work alone can create a kind of tunnel vision, which focuses on symptoms that are attached with all kinds of labels. Such a ‘process’ can even potentially make things worse via overly-intellectual, detached psychoanalyzing, while the root cause of our (or others’) “issues” may actually be related to entity attachments, hyperdimensional interferences and etheric implants which need to be addressed directly in the body. However, this is a huge topic for most people to come to terms with, since the ignorance and denial of this “topic of all topics” is widespread, and presents an immense challenge to people’s view of reality.

Psychologists who are not aware of the invisible reality of higher realms can’t help a person in getting rid of attached entities (for example, war veterans who may have taken on spirit attachments from people who died in battle). On the contrary, it can be an incredibly counter-productive treatment, especially when one considers that the brain and endocrine system cannot cognitively-differentiate between a vividly-experienced memory and what is actually occurring in the here and now. The usual clinical method of asking a patient to repeatedly re-live past events (many of them traumatic in nature) – and then working through a psychological mind-frame alone in response to this “recall” modality – reinforces or merely “manages” the trauma, instead of getting rid of the root cause. It’s not a black and white issue – it’s about expanding our view of reality. In the end, this subject involves an understanding of holistic self-work, and that includes comprehending the hyperdimensional control mechanisms of humanity.

Even shadow work can become an endless loop of rabbit hole-ing, because there is always more to dig into – especially in light of hyperdimensional attack possibilities, when thoughts/emotions are injected into us or triggered by events. Oftentimes, what people go through is merely a spiritual crisis (rather than a psychological pathology), which distracts us with “psychological issues” we actually do not even have or ‘own’. Even worse, being stuck in these tunnel visions of psychology (especially when it comes to “treating” them with psychiatric medications and their myriad side effects) can make things worse in the long run – killing our “soul”, so to speak, and cutting us off from our inner purpose, when the reality is that any crisis is simply part of the healing process, and there is nothing “wrong” with it.

So this is the ironic paradox in the anchoring equation: in order to access a higher vibration and feel more positive emotions on a consistent basis, we need to “love” any negative emotions that come up (in order to transmute them), without judgment, and without attempting to fight them, resist them, projecting them on others or over-analyze how pathological we or others are as a result of them arising in us. It’s not about avoiding these feelings in an attempt to access love – the only way out is through.

The most important thing you can do to raise your frequency/vibration is to love yourself, whatever happens to you, whatever shortcomings and issues you may have, whatever mistake and poor choices you have done; love yourself and be good to yourselves and others, and forgive yourself and others. This doesn’t mean to justify your shortcomings or put up with abuse; nor does it mean to cover anything up or ‘put lipstick on a pig’. It simply means not getting stuck in the blame, shame, and guilt programs, and to see life through more compassionate and forgiving eyes in light of universal pain and suffering.

Remember, people who hurt us, shame us or abuse us are in pain themselves, because they are lashing out in order to avoid their own anguish and bypass the hurt-filled emotions which so many people have carried throughout their lives (or even life times…or they may be even dealing with entity attachments, which are working through them). They tend to project these painful energies onto others as a means of avoiding feeling their own unacknowledged/unconscious pain and repressed emotions. We also can hurt others because of our own unacknowledged pain which we carry deep within us, or we can inadvertently shame others in our well meaning attempts to make them feel better.

We all can get triggered at times and act from our neurotic ego; seek validation/attention/co-dependent love; feel the need to correct others; shame others; punish them and put them down. We make mistakes, poor choices, and have our down days, but all of this is part of this human experience, especially during these crazy energies engulfing the planet at the present time. However, before we can truly be loving and compassionate with others, we need to give that frequency to ourselves first – to gift ourselves with our own medicine of healthy self-love and self-acceptance, but not in a narcissistic, shadow-egoic kind of way (where we are attempting to feel “better” than others).

Don’t beat yourself up with this process; there is no need to get frustrated with others, either. Some people may lash out at you, attack you and attempt to shame you, but as I said, in the end, it is their own unacknowledged pain which they are projecting onto you; even people who constantly “scream” at the world about how everything is fucked up tend to project their own pain and frustration onto the world and others. When we start to hate others, and project our disgust onto them – or think that others deserve to be punished and shamed, or even killed (no matter what they have done) – then we play the game on the level of the “predator”, the negative hyperdimensional entities who are keeping humanity in a frequency asylum. In short, we become that what many of us are fighting against, and thus feed into their agenda (pun intended wink emoticon ). heart emoticon

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