George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

History just got a whole lot more interesting! That’s how I’d describe, in only one sentence this eye-opening, dot-connecting and awe-inspiring book, densely packed with fascinating information and new groundbreaking facts from various different fields of science, collected and connected by LKJ, in her relentless pursuit of finding the answers to many important and mystifying questions from our history!

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There is so much to learn from history, and as they say “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. You’ll learn that there is a reality deeper then you can probably imagine to this saying when you learn about nature of the cycles, which the ancients were aware of. You’ll also find out that their knowledge survived to this day in the form of myths, or more precisely in forms of ‘mythical history’ and ‘historicised myths’, many of which are so wonderfully deciphered and explained by LKJ and their meaning brought into a new objective and in the same time terrifying light.

I too, couldn’t put this book down either and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see history with new eyes and get valuable knowledge in the process, because that same knowledge is highly relevant in a ‘world of the uncertain future’ that we are living in today. You might also be surprised or even shocked to find out that the times we’re living in might be the very times in which the original mythmakers lived in!


In all of my years in high school and university/college, I was never told anything about comets or cosmic catastrophes as ever being evident in our world’s history. It was simply not acknowledged nor accepted. Our perception of “history” has been seriously limited and controlled by those who have insidious agendas. History, indeed, was written by those “in power.” I grew up, knowing full well that history have a habit of repeating itself and how we should always learn from history. But, the important question was, “what tragic event that occurred in our past that will happen again on a global scale so many times over?”

Hidden within known myths, history, astronomy/astrology, and the ancient Greek literature, Laura Knight-Jadczyk has discovered the presence of so many comets in such a far distant past, which has caused a great number of catastrophic events on our planet. This latest analysis will open our minds to the past in a hope to seriously comprehend the cyclical nature of cosmic catastrophes throughout the history of our planet, and we sure are due for another event.


Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s series, The Secret History of the World, is one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken to provide a cogent, comprehensive account of humanity’s true history and place in the cosmos. Following the great unifying vision of the Stoic Posidonius, Laura weaves together the study of history, mythology, religion, psychology and physics, revealing a view of the world that is both rational and breathtaking in its all-encompassing scope.

This second volume, Comets and the Horns of Moses, (written in concert with several following volumes soon to be released) picks up the dangling threads of volume one with an analysis of the Biblical character of Moses — his possible true history and nature — and the cyclical nature of cosmic catastrophes in Earth’s history. Laura skillfully tracks the science of comets, revealing evidence for the fundamentally electrical and electromagnetic nature of these celestial bodies and how they have repeatedly wreaked havoc and destruction on our planet over the course of human history. Even more startling however, is the evidence that comets and cometary fragments have played a central role in the formation of human myth and legend and the very concept of a ‘god’.


As she expertly navigates her way through the labyrinth of history, Laura uncovers the secret knowledge of comets that has been hidden in the great myths, ancient astronomy (and astrology) and the works of the Greek philosophers. Concluding with a look at the political and psychological implications of cyclical cometary catastrophes and what they portend for humanity today, Comets and the Horns of Moses is a marvel of original thought and keen detective work that will rock the foundations of your understanding of the world you live in, and no doubt ruffle the feathers of the many academics who still cling to an outdated and blinkered view of history.

“Comets and the Horns of Moses” is the second volume of “The Secret History of the World” series, with the first volume being presented almost 10 years ago (one does not necessary have to read the first volume in order to read the second, which can stand on its own…or so I think). This volume focuses firstly on the analysis of Moses before heading onto the studies of cometary events with a grave look at several myths and historical/archaeological records and how these events were deliberately twisted and erased from human awareness. The author also attempt to bring the reader to understand how our history got so convoluted, why the masses of the past so readily accepted the slandered narratives and invented histories as being spoon-fed to them by the elites, based on recent psychological and cognitive researches as well as a esoteric look at the origin of astrology and religions.


This is truly an eye-opening and astounding work as the author pulls on so many threads that lead towards the most important examination on “what really happened.” Very much like the first volume, this second book brings a great deal of multidisciplinary information together to shape a coherent whole.

It’s certainly one of those books that I got more and more engrossed as the more I read and began to question everything I have ever learned about history and myths, and even unknown mysteries of our past. It is very well-researched, so nicely written, and such a fascinating read. It’s sure would be a valuable addition to any library in the world.