Cold Fusion Cracked? HHO Experiment Breakdown Guide

//Cold Fusion Cracked? HHO Experiment Breakdown Guide

Cold Fusion Cracked? HHO Experiment Breakdown Guide

The Secret to Cold Fusion… has it been cracked?

We shall only know if we jump into the experiment. Hydrogen production via electrolysis in water has been proven to work and can run all engines very well. The key is in making the process more efficient.

Arend Lammertink thinks he has it figured out. If we can engineer this then we can turn any bottle of water and normal gas engine generator into a free energy machine. Not to bad!

I am working through the first phase of this experiment now which is the dielectric layer conditioning process.



The dielectric layer is essentially an electret. An electret is an object which gives off a permanent static electrical field just like a magnet gives off a permanent magnetic field. An electret is the static electrical version of a magnet. This permeant electric field will continue to give off electrons and thus perform electrolysis and create HHO in the water without getting any additional power. Not a bad deal!

Resources on Electrets

  1. Electrets – Oleg Jefimenko.pdf
  2. JapanElectrets.pdf
  3. Making an Electret.pdf
  4. Mototaro-Eguchi1.pdf
  5. Cylindrical Electrets – Oleg Jefimenko.pdf
  6. Dependance of Electret Charge on Shielding Conditions – Oleg Jefimenko.pdf
  7. Electret Electrometers – Oleg Jefimenko.pdf
  8. Force Measurements of Electrets – Oleg Jefimenko.pdf
  9. Induced Reversals of Electrets – Oleg Jefimenko.pdf
  10. Slot Effect in Electret Devices – Oleg Jefimenko.pdf
  11. Technique for Measuring Real Volume Charges in Wax Electrets – Oleg Jefimenko.pdf

We shall have to provide the dielectric film/electret with a bit of power when the cell is running so that the dielectric break down capacity of the water is matched and thus the electret is maintained but luckily this is almost nothing, perhaps 70 volts and only a few milliamps.

These are the efficiency processes of the current recreations. Faraday set the standard rate 200 years ago.

  • Faraday: 900 litres in one hour, takes 2,106 watts or 100% Faraday
  • Ravi: ?
  • Lawton: 900 litres in one hour, takes 998 watts or 211% Faraday without pulsing
  • Boyce: 900 litres in one hour, takes 180 watts or 1,170% Faraday with pulsing
  • Cramton: 900 litres in one hour, takes 90 watts or 2,340% Faraday

Thus to raise the efficiency of this process to the point where we get the engine producing mechanical energy and the engines generator/alternator producing more electricity than we are using to create the HHO we must simply focus on creating the dielectric layer/electret in the cell.

Here are my findings. Let us all share our own.

The Dielectric layer/Electret Conditioning Process

  1. Cleaning: The fuel cell must be cleaned thoroughly. Dirt can seriously impede the formation of the dielectric layer. Aluminum foil comes from the factory with a thin layer of oil and lubricants which can also stall the formation of the dielectric layer. The best solution to clean the fuel cell is a combination of Potassium Dichromate (30 grams finely grounded and dissolved in… ) Sulfuric Acid (1 liter) Immerse the cell in this solution for 12 minutes at 30 C (never touch after this) Source: Electrolytic Capacitors by Paul Deely page 50 ) Avoid washing in hot water!
  2. WaveForm Pulsing:  The voltage, current and wave form of the pulses run through the cell must be experimented with. Bedini found that if a high voltage spike of a fast rise time with a slower fall time was applied to a battery that it would generate residual power. This is a hint as to the waveform needed.
  3. Electrolyte: The electrolyte used during the conditioning process must be experimented with. For aluminum baking soda seems to work well. For stainless steel Arend recommends using Potassim Hyrdoxide as it helps form the dielectric layer when it interacts with the nickle in the steel.
  4. Sound vibrational resonance may help in the formation of the film and perhaps in the running phase as well. John Keely got very far using this process alone. Alot of room for experimentation here. Perhaps running the same wave form as the conditioning pulse through a speaker around the fuel cell? Or maybe some Bach ?
  5. The geometry of the cell can also figure in formation of the film and the running phase as well. The creators of the Joe Cell found that using several open cones stacked on top of each other in the conditioning cell works best. Cones are like infinite sided pyramids. Pyramids seem to work for some folks…


The Running Phase

Here is when we actually put the cell in the car and it is expected to produce enough clean HHO gas to get the engine going, just as gasoline would or better. This phase requires testing equipement. We need to measure the energy going in and the amount of HHO gas produced.

Methods for measuring gas produced can be as simple as a ballon attached to a cone funnel at the top of your cell. Other alternative are welcome

The wave form, voltage and pulse width duration of the current run into the cell is wide open for testing. An Oscilloscope and waveform generator are essential tools here.

Any help with this phase is much appreciated.

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  • Robert

    What is the theory of where the work comes from to do this?

    What is the independent evidence that the car ran in the way that they claim?

  • Geoff

    Why does pulsing make this work better?

    I have also read that pulsing makes the atomic hydrogen process work better.

  • Geoff

    I think it would be very good to eliminate the Infernal Combustion Engine from the equation from the very beginning. Fuel cell?

  • Scorched

    Robert: What is the theory? Well at least you are perceptive enough to be asking questions. But if you are not already aware of the MASSIVE repression of energy technologies and the people attempting to bring them into the open, then a site like this will make no sense to you. Science has become a dogmatic religion twisted and distorted by powerful interests. Its a theory that is not difficult to prove.

    What is the evidence? How about thousands of silenced patents? How about all the weird things that seems to happen to people who try to bring them into public awareness? We are living under an economic, scientific, political, energy tyranny and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Look closer at Stan Myers. Do you honestly think all of that could have been a scam? What purpose would his apparent insanity accomplish? Other than getting him killed in a diner? Myers was insane not becuase his technology didnt work, it did. He was insane beause he thought they would let him change the world.

    One of my physics teachers once told us that there was no way high mileage carburetors worked, because if they did the car manufacturers would be using them. Nothing further from the truth could be stated. He said it with absoutely no facts and directly in the face of a mountain of evidence he didn’t bother to research.

  • Roderick Oh

    I don’t understand why we are speaking on production of hydrogen in volume when Stanley Meyers had produced hydrogen in the cylinder of the engine rather external production outside the engine. The hydrogen produced will be created internally from the steam of the heated water within the cylinder and timing of the engine. I think its great how we can create a larger volume of hydrogen but, this is not what was Stanley Meyers ideals and patent he had amazingly put out to the public.

  • Hey, you say : “patent he had amazingly put out to the public.”
    …. Where can I find this patent ?

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