Your Cells Can Light Up The World

//Your Cells Can Light Up The World

In 1936, two physicists at the Biological Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York, reported that red blood cells in the bodies of people and animals carry enough electricity to light up a lamp.

They reported their findings at the American Physical Society in Rochester, New York, stating that the red blood cells carry a surface charge of 15,000,000 electrons.

They stated that, ‘if the charges from blood of a full-grown person could be collected and made to pass through a 25-watt electric bulb, it would burn for at least 5 minutes.’

In another research center in 1936, Prof. Harold Saxton Burr and Dr. R.G. Meader, both from Yale University School of Medicine, stated that wherever there is life, electrical phenomena would also be found.


Burr and Meader discovered that during the instant of ovulation in a cat or rabbit; during various times of a women’s menstrual cycle; during the appearance of cancer and throughout the healing process; minute variations of electric voltages in the body could be found and measured. The voltage changes were not chaotic currents but currents organized into very definite patterns, associated from species to species and characteristic to some specific action. They stated that the electrical changes were as precise as ‘fingerprints.’

The Yale physicists went on to say that it is possible to map out the electrical currents of the entire body of a person, in the same manner as a geophysicist maps the surface of the ground for hidden ore.

Their continued studies in the late 1930s and early 1940s showed that ‘taking readings from any two points of the body reflect not only what is going on in the immediate vicinity of those points, but also the TOTAL health activity of any person or animal.’


During their research in the 1930s, the goal of Burr and Meader was to prove that there is a dynamic field of electrical activity, both within and surrounding all physical objects, and that these fields would provide the answers to how ‘an animal grows from a single egg into a multiple-celled adult in the midst of the rapidly changing chemistry of development.’

While there are changes of chemistry that are involved in the human body, it is electrical fields that have the greatest impact and influence on the human body. The medical approach, for many of our debilitating health problems, should be through the use of electromagnetics. A perusal of the work of several researchers from the 1930s through 1950s will show that these physicists had mapped out voltage changes in the body, from normal to abnormal, before and during the onset of different diseases and illnesses. Other researchers showed that through the use of electromagnetic frequencies, they could reverse health problems from dis-eased to a more normal condition.

The solutions for many of our health problems are not, ‘just around the next corner’; we may have already passed the most effective solutions, without realizing them. We are journeying within electromagnetic vehicles during our life, and with the proper attunement, our bodies can be strong, healthy and beautiful.

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