Is the Quantum Mechanics view of things correct ? By Dilip D James

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Epistemology  is concerned with the nature, sources and limits of knowledge. Epistemology is primarily concerned with propositional knowledge, or the knowledge that such-and-such is true, rather than other forms of knowledge, for example the, knowledge of how to such-and-such.  It questions what knowledge is [...]

Operating from the Centre without any external stimuli

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"One degree off Balance/Centre = Two degrees of separation." There is a common trend being promoted nowadays of opening the third eye or opening your heart space as a primary goal in self realization. The mind is a center but not the [...]

Gestalt Aether Theory :Big Bang Theory By D.D. James

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It is interesting to speculate as to the events taking place during the Big Bang. Cosmologists believe that the Big Bang flung energy in all directions at the speed of light (300,000,000 meters per second) and estimate that the temperature of the [...]

Painting a New Picture of the Universe by David Scott de Hilster

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Change always comes from outside the status quo. The John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS) is that change. I have been involved with the scientists from the CNPS for over 20 years and the universe according to these scientists, is much more [...]

Mainstream Science Is Stuck by David Scott de Hilster

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Into the Underground Back in 1992, I met a physicist, Dr. Ricardo Carzani of Argentina who wanted me to help him get his idea out into the world.  Dr. Carezani had shown Einstein’s theory of special theory of relativity wrong, corrected the [...]

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