Rudolf Steiner’s Soul Exercises for the Days of the Week

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The pupil must pay careful attention to certain activities in the life of soul, (daily at the same time if even for 5 minutes) which in the ordinary way are carried on carelessly and inattentively. There are eight such activities. Thinking (Right Thinking) – Saturday Judging (Right Judgement) – Sunday Speaking (Right Word) – Monday [...]

The iron curtain between gravity and electrodynamics

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An iron curtain divides the subjects of gravity and electrodynamics, in today’s academically accepted versions of physics. Those attempting to cross it will risk the intellectual equivalent of machine-gun fire. Beyond, lie even more serious obstacles which come, not from outside, but from within the mind of the investigator. To get at the source of [...]

Water: It’s a Mystery

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by Joe Dubs Water is the most common substance known to man and also the most mysterious.  The list of anomalies associated with it runs as long as the ocean is deep.  Modern science has ignored this seemingly simple molecule, dismissing any qualities beyond the materialistic as pseudoscience and new age baloney.  Water is central to life [...]

Is the Quantum Mechanics view of things correct ? By Dilip D James

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Epistemology  is concerned with the nature, sources and limits of knowledge. Epistemology is primarily concerned with propositional knowledge, or the knowledge that such-and-such is true, rather than other forms of knowledge, for example the, knowledge of how to such-and-such.  It questions what knowledge is and how it can be acquired, and the extent to which knowledge pertinent [...]

Operating from the Centre without any external stimuli

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"One degree off Balance/Centre = Two degrees of separation." There is a common trend being promoted nowadays of opening the third eye or opening your heart space as a primary goal in self realization. The mind is a center but not the Centre. The heart is a center but not the Centre. “Our body has [...]

Gestalt Aether Theory :Big Bang Theory By D.D. James

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It is interesting to speculate as to the events taking place during the Big Bang. Cosmologists believe that the Big Bang flung energy in all directions at the speed of light (300,000,000 meters per second) and estimate that the temperature of the entire universe was 1000 trillion degrees Celsius at just a tiny fraction (in [...]

Painting a New Picture of the Universe by David Scott de Hilster

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Change always comes from outside the status quo. The John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS) is that change. I have been involved with the scientists from the CNPS for over 20 years and the universe according to these scientists, is much more fascinating and more logical than the multi-dimensioned, paralleled, paradoxical universe that mainstream has [...]

Basis of the Vedic Sexagesimal System

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The sexagesimal system of measurement is based on the number sixty. There are sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in a hour. When we measure angles, we use the sexagesimal to express units in degrees, minutes and seconds. This method of measurement familiar to both the Indian and Mesopotamian cultures. It may be that [...]

On the concert pitch A=432 and c=128

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In the first part of this article the structure of modern and ancient musical scales was described in detail. Scales were compared, and we reported some aural or qualitative differences in the sound of similar intervals from different scales. Scales define the intervals between frequencies of all the notes in an octave. The frequency of [...]

Sacred Solids in the Atomic Nucleus

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"Our picture of the nucleus is so far different from the accepted picture (actually, there is no accepted picture) as to make any comparison impossible. The trained specialist recognizes immediately that if we are right, the whole edifice of 20th Century atomic physics must be rethought, as Dr. Moon had done. Moon was able to [...]