Hydrogen Producing Magnets & Magic Magnetism – The work of Felix Ehrenhaft

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If this experimenter is right, his discovery will upset all out accepted ideas on this familiar force Can a magnet take water to pieces? No, say physics textbooks. Yes, says Prof. Felix Ehrenhaft, former director of the Physical Institute at the University of Vienna, who now carries on his research in New York. If [...]

The Sacred Sounds Scale: Harmonizing 432, 528, 424 and 440 Hz into a Single Tuning

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The Sacred Sounds Scale: Harmonizing 432, 528, 424 and 440 Hz into a Single Tuning written by Bo Constantinsen   what music really is .com for ElectroD Sound Magazine Contents Accurate Numerical Definition The Right Terminology Harmonics of a Fundamental Tone What “Tuning” Really Means Naming the Tones [...]


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ANYONE who, like myself, has had the pleasure of witnessing the beautiful demonstrations with vibrating diaphragms which Prof. Bjerknes, exhibited in person at the Paris Exposition in 1889, must have admired his agility and painstaking care to such a degree, as to have an almost implicit faith in the correctness of observations made by [...]

The Truth about Open Source from an inventors perspective

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What is the mission of these Open Source forums? From what I can gather their mission is to attempt to solve technologies that can help humanity as a group of individuals working together. But due to fact that they are individuals leads to many problems as some come to do work, others come to look [...]

Propaganda: Mind Manipulation & Manufacturing Consent

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by Joe Dubs Propaganda, known today euphemistically as ‘public relations’, is the manufacturing of consent.  It’s the distortion of information to suit a particular agenda.  Along with it’s ‘proper’ use comes the ability to control the masses, to mold the collective mind. Propaganda is so pervasive in our culture.  We have trouble discerning what information is [...]

Why and How Homeopathy Works – A Superficial Look at the Human Information System

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A few weeks ago I attended a meeting held in Überlingen by Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl titled "Scalar Waves in Medicine". During the two days various speakers presented their experimental results of applying Meyl's Theory of Objectivity to living matter. The most profound revelation was the explanation of homeopathy in easily conceivable terms. So let [...]

The Age of Transition and Scientism Fraud by Jay Dyer

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  Ours is the great transition age. For the masses, the glowing assumption is that the transition and transformation age we are undergoing is the work of a long, evolutionary process of “natural” “progress.” Wandering about their bubbles, these presuppositions never go challenged or examined, having dobbed their cafeteria plate lives from a long string [...]

On the Transmission of Scalar Waves By an Experiment

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Purpose of this article is to introduce the reader to the simple way of transmitting an electrical scalar wave with an efficiency of at least 100 percent. As a basis we use an official patent by Nikola Tesla and the Theory of Objectivity by Konstantin Meyl. Before we begin, we have to justify the use [...]

CONCH SHELL SYMBOLISM: Expansion and Contraction

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Contraction / Expansion   Saturn / Jupiter Shankha ~ Nada Brahma ~ Primordial Sound The Sanskrit name for conch is Shankha. Shankh or Shankham means “a conch holding the sacred water”. According to the Vedic allegories, the Shankha is one of the most auspicious objects that emerged from the sea during the great churning - [...]