1403, 2014

How AetherForce, Ed Mitchell and Tom Brown Conquered Suppression

The amazing story of victory over suppression.

Four researchers unite to share their stories and how they conquered suppression. Suppression agent Aaron Murakami and incorrigible drug addict Eric Dollard’s patterns of behavior are made […]

2412, 2013

Dorje Blessing by Thomas Joseph Brown VIDEO

The Dorje is a symbol of Buddhism that penetrates to the very depths of hermetic and tantric doctrine. It is the Yin Yang given geometry and a archetype of duality. An amazing new […]

1812, 2013

Orgonites Given Order – Build your own Hoffman Psychotronic Generator

Actually, the first device of this type was invented by Christopher Hills several years ago. His invention, on which mine is based, is called a Pi-Ray Coffer. Technically speaking it is a Radionic broadcaster […]

2511, 2013


We analyse the normal so that we may know the difference between it and the abnormal. — Dr Ruth Drown
Radionics was founded by Dr Albert Abrams (1863–1924), a native of San Francisco, under […]

2909, 2013

Electret Experiments Update – Verbelli is in Da Lab

In July we published an article on Electrets and how vital they are to advancing the search for “free energy”.

We got a big bogged down in some drama and couldn’t experiment but one […]

1609, 2013

The Book Binder’s Apprentice who Changed the World, Michael Faraday

A simple apprentice Book Binder…

a poor boy from poor parents, yet his thirst for knowledge was rich and the Force guided him to discoveries beyond his wildest dreams or the wildest dreams of […]

609, 2013

The Break Through Energy Movement Conference is almost here

October 10-12th @ the university of Boulder Coloardo.

A gathering of the very finest minds in alternative energy shall be upon us. Jason Verbelli, Ed Mitchell, Foster Gamble, Sterling Allan, Mark Leclair shall all […]

509, 2013

Exploring the Force with Michael Leas

Michael Leas is one of the hardest working Tesla Researchers and one of the very few with a truly big picture outlook.

His vision is of a world that can only move forward with […]

409, 2013

Resonance, Frequency and the Natural Earth Energies

Ever Wonder why going outside makes you feel so good?

You can read the science journals for ages… or you can just let your toes touch the grass.

The above documentary is excellent and makes […]

209, 2013

A Revolution in Astronomy

A must read book that will blow your mind and change everything you thought you knew about the heavens. A Short read too. Comes highly recommended by Tom Brown.


3108, 2013

News From Rupert Sheldrake – His New Book Set Science Free Hits the USA

Rupert Shedrake is the man that makes the high priests of Scientism shake in their boots.

Here is his latest news announcement. He does alot but doesn’t announce much so these are eagerly anticipated.

www.sheldrake.org […]

2608, 2013

Realtime Sun Watching Dashboard

With 6 different ways to watch the sun in realtime this is the most amazing resource for realtime space weather watching in the world. This is the same control panel universities and research […]

2308, 2013

When Musicians become Aether Scientists – John Keely

Keely was one of the greatest Aetheric Engineers of the past 200 years.

He began before Tesla and by the time Tesla had emerged Keely had passed away but not after creating some truly […]

1708, 2013

Are you an “extreme sensitive” ? The work of Baron Karl Von ReichenBach

One of the greatest researchers of all time, whose amazing work held the key to a true unified field.. most in the alternative sciences have never heard of.

Baron Karl Von ReichenBach became wealthy […]

608, 2013

Exploring the Myths of “Settled Science” by David Talbott (VIDEO)

David Talbott of the Thunderbolts Project gives a truly superb presentation on the foundations of science and how closely modern day science is true to the “scientific method”

Exploring the Myths of “Settled […]

508, 2013

The Astonishing Power of Crystals and Water by Marcel Vogel

Marcel Vogel was not some crystal quack, he was a chief scientist for IBM and the technology he developed was critical to all computer hard drives and LCD monitors.

He considered his work with […]

2607, 2013

Public Apology to George Gaboury

I (TechZ) was one of those people infected with the Coyote virus and misjudged people thinking I was fighting suppression.

George Gaboury, president of the San Francisco Tesla society has done strong work getting […]

507, 2013

Magnetic Rotating Vortexes

Are Magnetic Fields Static? According to reality.. no. they are not. Quantum Physics cannot explain magnetism, they wish it didn’t exist.

The field that magnetic fields put out is not static, it is moving […]

207, 2013

Electrets – Permanent Electrical Magnets

Imagine if you could create an object that would give off a permanent static electric field?

Well you can. They are called electrets. Just like a magnet gives off a permanent magnetic field and electret gives […]

2406, 2013

The Galaxy Being – Everything is Electro Magnetic

The Sci Fi of the 40’s and 50’s was deep and far ahead of it’s time

The Galaxy Being is the first episode of the Outer Limits and it is a classic. The professor […]

2006, 2013

The First Book Every Aether Scientist MUST Read. Etheric Formative Forces

The First Book You Must Read to Understand the Aether and Natural Science

This long lost treasure has been out of print for over 80 years. I found a copy in the Yale Library […]

506, 2013

Dutch Engineer may have the Missing Link To Hydrogen Cell Efficiency

HHO Cell technology allows us to use ordinary tap water instead of gasoline.

All gas engines on the planet could be converted to this system if only the efficiency could be improved. The process work by […]

2705, 2013

The True Nature of Light

Light is alot more than we think it is.

Newton set the standard for optics with his experiments over 300 years ago. Since then not much has changed.

German scientist and writer Goethe did his […]

1905, 2013

Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy and the Aether

Reich is one of the most suppressed Scientists of all time and an Aether Mage of a high level. He escaped from Nazi Germany only to have his books burned and be sent […]

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