1505, 2015

DIY Symbolic Hieronymus Machine – By Joseph Max

Visit his blog: https://josephmax.wordpress.com/2010/12/10/symbolic-hieronymus-machine/

Editor Notes:
He has many more awesome tutorials about radionics. There are other tutorials around about building a symbolic machine but many took the graphics from his site.

I hope with this post […]

1405, 2015

Fifty years ago: The Phenomenal PSIONIC Machine. The symbolic Hieronymus Machine

This device is an ink drawing on paper—yet test subjects say it produces sensations in their hands.



Fate November 1962 Vol. 15, No. 11

by David M. Dressler

AMONG THE weirdest machines possible to devise is […]

505, 2015

Neuro Electro Magnetic Freqency weapons

 Break out the tin foil hats!

Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response (PHaSR)One of the tool used by the military in behavior modification and mind-control is the remotely operated electromagnetic frequency weapons. These weapons use […]

2301, 2015

The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration, Oscillation and Toroids

“What would it mean to your research and inventions if you could switch polarities between poles and regulate their power levels?”

Pond Science Institute releases a video series overview of Dale Ponds latest book Keely’s […]

701, 2015

Ones and Zeros: The Digital Age and the Death of Analog

by Michael Theroux


While the debate over whether analog or digital technology is superior has been mostly rooted in the domain of audio recording and playback (see “Meanings, Messages & Signals – Comprehending the […]

2012, 2014

Biogeometry, Psychotronics and Christmas Eve

As you may know this dates are very special energetically, and can be used to save a lot of energy and time from the psychotronics point of view, since this 12 holy nights […]

2111, 2014

The Diviners Bible – The Ultimate Dowsing & Vibrational Sciences Guide is now Free

For the first time ever on the internet, the must have tool for all dowsers.

Dowsing has been called the art that unlocks all others and here for the first time is the single […]

2410, 2014

The Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed / Orgone accumulators scalar generators. A special Book by VILIM KANJSKI & HRVOJE ZUJIĆ

Book from the author direct source, he published it for free on scribd!

The Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed

Download from keychest
Surfing the net around late one day I came across this very curious book […]

1610, 2014

The SuperSensonic Magnetron by Aetheric Arts

I just acquired a bit of radionic history, a symbolic Magnetron from the 1970s. The Magnetron is a classic psionic pattern device, meant to be used with a dowsing pendulum. The pendulum is […]

1709, 2014

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator is a device invented by Steven L. Gibbs in 1985.

At that time Steven Gibbs was living on a farm in Nebraska. He basically improved on an earlier device called […]

1305, 2014

Detecting Biodynamic Signals by Michael Theroux

The catalogue of these pursuits is indeed a long one and can by no means be completed here, but we will attempt to cover historically those researches which warrant our attentions, based on […]

3009, 2013

The ReDiscovery of Vril – The Lost Interview of Gerry Vassilatos that ties it all Together

Gerry Vassilatos is the researcher that took Tesla from myth to fact and showed us what his real work was and why he was really erased from the history books.

“I have been blessed […]

309, 2013

Electro-Magnetic Radiation Mega Chart

Reflection, refraction, diffraction, oh my! Dive into the wonderful world of electromagnetic radiation–i.e., the energy that travels through space in waves, like x-rays, microwaves and good old visible light.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a […]

2808, 2013

Radio Wave Treated Water Produces 30% bigger plants

Tesla always said that the secrets to the universe were in frequency and vibration.

The science of how vibration can heal and enhance life was huge in the early 1900’s. Long since suppressed […]

608, 2013

Les Brown Physics Of Crystals Full Documentary

Les Brown was a leading researcher of crystals and the power of geometry to affect the physical world.

This might be called shaper power, biogeometry or aetheric science. His two our documentary on the […]

902, 2013

New Take on the MWO Healing Antenna

The MWO, multiwave oscillator, was a device created by Georges Lakhovsky’s in the 30’s.

It was supposed to provide healing benefits using radionics, the use of radio waves to heal. Radionics was discovered by Tesla […]

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