407, 2015

Painting a New Picture of the Universe by David Scott de Hilster

Change always comes from outside the status quo. The John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS) is that change. I have been involved with the scientists from the CNPS for over 20 years and […]

2906, 2015


 Particle Fever is a science documentary film that unmasks the deception behind modern particle physics in the course of making a documentary about the Large Hadron Collider or LHC and the claimed discovery […]

2706, 2015

Mainstream Science Is Stuck by David Scott de Hilster

Into the Underground

Back in 1992, I met a physicist, Dr. Ricardo Carzani of Argentina who wanted me to help him get his idea out into the world.  Dr. Carezani had shown Einstein’s theory […]

2505, 2015

The Origin of the Equation E = mc2

Because the issue of the source of this equation keeps coming up, here is a quick discussion of the origin of the famous formula, incorrectly attributed to Einstein. Thanks to Robert Sungenis for […]

1605, 2015

The Magical Mythical Theory of Relativity by Monke Mind

Finally, a simple explanation of what sane people have known all along.

The theory of relativity religion and Big Bang Creation. This presentation simplifies the theory of relativity using beautiful visuals.

1704, 2015

Thought experiments on the nature of space, matter, light, and time by Justin Swanhart

This thought experiment is based on the variable speed of light, or VSL, and it gives a simple mechanism (particle spin) for that VSL.  It also uses spin to explain mass and mass […]

504, 2015

Consciousness Creates Reality, Physicists finally come clean…

“Consciousness creates reality,” a statement that has gained a lot of attention across various alternative media outlets around the world. Make no mistake, consciousness has been (for quite some time) studied by numerous […]

304, 2015

The Optical Universe by Chris Plouffe

There is really one law in the Universe and that is balance. All other things come from balance. The Universe doesn’t allow anything other than balance to be replicated. Balance is based on […]

2503, 2015

The Tsar Bomba and the Event Horizon of Ones own Existence by Ryan Oakes

Did you know that the energy stored in the mass of the human body – assuming to be 70 kg – corresponds to approximately 30 units of the Tsar Bomba, the most destructive […]

1303, 2015


We get a constant line of bald propaganda from physics now, claiming a near-complete knowledge of the universe. This propaganda is not new: it has been building for over a century. Lord Kelvin […]

103, 2015


A brief proposition on the nature of light waves and how it affects the measurement of observers. For example, a light source in motion affects the wavelength of the light waves around it […]

2301, 2015

The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration, Oscillation and Toroids

“What would it mean to your research and inventions if you could switch polarities between poles and regulate their power levels?”

Pond Science Institute releases a video series overview of Dale Ponds latest book Keely’s […]

2812, 2014

Dan Winter’s Tetrahedron vs Nassim Harrimen’s Fractal Vacuum by Caleb Thomas

Nassim’s theresonanceproject.org Films- all conclude the universal vacuum is A FRACTAL- BUT Say That Vacuum IS TETRAHEDRAL.. The implosion group model- with Dan Winter- explains in detail WHY the TETRA / CUBE – […]

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