1104, 2017

Priore Plasma Healing

A Non-Technical Description of the Priore Process

Tom Bearden – Nov 9, 2000

Source: http://www.cheniere.org/books/aids/priorenontech.htm


In simple terms, it works like this.  There are two mechanisms in the body of concern to treatment of disease and […]

1602, 2015

Death by Mathematics by Miles Mathis

The state of learning now is like Scylla of the old fable,
who had the head and face of a virgin,
but a womb hung round by barking monsters,
from which she could not be delivered.—Francis […]

102, 2015

Properties of Wave cycles by Chris Plouffe

Hello Everyone!  Today I’d like to talk about some different types of waves, their properties, and their cycles.  We will focus on two concepts or types.  One is longitudinal and the other transverse […]

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