1904, 2017

Schumann Resonance Science

Schumann Resonance

Schumann Resonance, Psychophysical Regulation & Psi
 by Iona Miller, 2013

Source: http://holographicarchetypes.weebly.com/schumann-resonance.html


The Schumann resonance (SR) is defined as a set of resonant modes or spectrum peaks, between 7.83 and 45 Hz, in the extremely low frequency (ELF) […]

1104, 2017

Cases of Scientific Suppression

Suppression of the Living Sciences

Leslie R. Pastor

Source: http://peswiki.com/site:lrp:actual-case-histories-of-suppression-occurrences


Leslie R. Pastor


One of the most interesting research projects that I personally got involved in has been research involving ‘water as fuel’ dynamics. From the time […]

1104, 2017

Insufficiencies of the Standard Model according to Hadronic Mechanics

Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Discoveries of
Ruggero Maria Santilli

I. Gandzha and J Kadeisvili
http://www.santilli-foundation.org/docs/RMS.pdf http://www.santilli-galilei.com/santilli-scientific-discoveries-1.php




1.3. […]

1104, 2017

Atomic Polyhedra

Source: http://unifiedfractalfield.com/atomic-polyhedra/

Paranormal Observations of ORMES

Sacred Solids in the Atomic Nucleus

“Our picture of the nucleus is so far different from the accepted picture (actually, there is no accepted picture) as to make any comparison impossible. The […]

1104, 2017

BioAcoustic Habitat Theory

Bio-Acoustic Habitat Theory

Source: http://www.loe.org/shows/segments.html?programID=01-P13-00031&segmentID=10

Audio download : http://audio.loe.org/audio/010803/010803bioacoustics.mp3

Scholarly articles on Bioacoustic habitat theory: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=bioacoustic+habitat+theory&hl=en&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi7u8OjuJ3TAhVW2GMKHbB_A6oQgQMIITAA

Extra source: http://blog.nature.org/science/explainer/how-can-bioacoustics-help-conserve-biodiversity/

According to scientists specializing in bio-acoustics, ecosystems have evolved a rich and complex sound quality. But noise pollution from […]

1104, 2017

Marcel Vogel & the DeLaWarr Psychotronic Camera

DeLaWarr Psychotronic Camera Project

Source: http://www.dreamhillresearch.com/marcelvogel/#camera

One of the projects I worked on with Marcel was a Inter-dimensional Imaging Device called the DeLaWarr Camera, which was imported from England to the lab. This device stood […]

1104, 2017

Star Coils: Pathways of Light – Gregor Arturo

Source: Star Coils: Pathways of Light – Gregor Arturo


Since 2008, Gregor Arturo Clary has been researching the theoretical foundations and phenomena associated with toroidal inductor systems. He coined the term Star Coils after […]

1104, 2017

Fractalness Intelligence – Peter Garyaev

Fractalness Intelligence and the Wave Genome

Peter Garyaev


(Rough English translation from Russian)


Peter P. Garyaev, doctor of biological sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of medico-technical sciences, rans:
As far as I understand, We have a […]

904, 2017

Magnecular Matter of Hadronic Mechanics and the relation to ORMUS

Hadronic Chemistry

Barry Carter


In 2001 Ruggero Maria Santilli published a monograph titled With Applications to New Clean Energies and Fuels.

In this book Santilli describes his theories of hadronic mechanics, superconductivity and chemistry as they […]

2205, 2015

That Which Is Eternal In Us Must Be Awakened by Thomas Joseph Brown

“True esoteric methods are not complicated.” … Mantak Chia


The origin of our lives is in the fusion of two cosmic polarities, a microcosmic reflection of the origin of the physical universe […]

1605, 2015

The Magical Mythical Theory of Relativity by Monke Mind

Finally, a simple explanation of what sane people have known all along.

The theory of relativity religion and Big Bang Creation. This presentation simplifies the theory of relativity using beautiful visuals.

1605, 2015

Astrology, the chemical elements, and us by Chris Plouffe

I’ve been thinking about Astrology and why certain planets in certain places could affect me in any way on the day I was born. At first glance it seems hard to believe that […]

605, 2015

Semmelweis and the Insanity of Science

Here we had an inventor which came up with something that was outside of the dogmatic beliefs of the so called modern science establishment. He was harassed and intentionally incarcerated, as they tried […]

305, 2015

The Brilliance of the Bees by Gregor Arturo Clary

AA paramount concept with the free energy movement and overunity technologies involves creating a divergence in the magnetic vector potential, which is an exponential gradient of extreme compression  along the the linear vector […]

205, 2015

Nicola Tesla’s UFO

Nikola Tesla is considered one of the most innovative and mysterious men who ever lived. If Tesla hadn’t invented and researched everything he did in his time, our technology today would be considerably worse. but is there something more […]

2604, 2015

How You can make a GEET PLASMA FUEL System

ORIGINAL LINK – http://www.rexresearch.com/pantone/pantone.htm

2604, 2015

The fantastic story of Antoine Priore

During 25 years, between 1950 and 1975, he cures all incurable cancers in animals, from mice until dogs thanks to the extraordinary appliances of his invention, called for revolutionizing the cancerology.

Many tests on […]

2604, 2015

Ed Leedskalnin Teaches MAGNETIC Current

PDF Link – Magnetic Current – Edward Leedskalnin











2504, 2015

Biomimicry: the Future Imitation of Life

Wind turbines inspired by schools of fish.  Drag resistant swim suits modelled after shark skin.  Anti-virus software, & Airport Scanners were all influenced by the design principles of Biomimicry. 

Artificial Shark SkinThe  social & […]

2504, 2015

Experiment with MAGNETIC Current

(1) Alden Armagnac: Popular Science (June 1944); “Magic With Magnetism”

(2) Popular Science (April 1945), p. 208: “Ehrenhaft Discovery Confirmed by New Experiments”

(3) Radio-Electronics (1978 ?): “Lights That Failed”

(4) Leonard Cramp: Space, Gravity, and the Flying Saucer (excerpt, pp. 154-156)

(5) Kristen Joseph: Electric […]

2404, 2015

3D Print a Tesla Pancake Coil jig



When we look back in history at some of the most notable inventors of the past several decades, one man stands near or at the top when it come […]

1804, 2015

Primer Fields Source

The Primer Fields Series
Images and Diagrams for usage in teaching and learning
Video links are at the bottom


1704, 2015

Thought experiments on the nature of space, matter, light, and time by Justin Swanhart

This thought experiment is based on the variable speed of light, or VSL, and it gives a simple mechanism (particle spin) for that VSL.  It also uses spin to explain mass and mass […]

1704, 2015

Worm Holes Rain down from the Sky in Norway

April 2015 – NORWAY – Meteorologists and biologists have been left baffled by earthworms raining from the sky over Southern Norway. According to Norwegian news service The Local, the most recent phenomenon was […]

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