808, 2015

Water: It’s a Mystery

by Joe Dubs

Water is the most common substance known to man and also the most mysterious.  The list of anomalies associated with it runs as long as the ocean is deep.  Modern science has ignored […]

2104, 2015

Epic Pythagoras by Mark Rossi

The first person in the western world accredited with the discovery of the harmonic series was a Greek mathematician from the 6th century B.C named Pythagoras, well known for the “Pythagorean Theorem”. Pythagoras […]

2003, 2015

Reptilian Meditation by Nasa Nate

Close your eyelids about 90 percent leaving a small slit open.

See a lush velvety magnetically charged and VIBRANT RADIANT black. and in the depths of the all pervading black light, you see a […]

1803, 2015

Happy Born Day to Manly P Hall

Happy Birthday Manly P. Hall!

Manly Palmer Hall was born on this day March 18, 1901

He was a Canadian-born scholar and philosopher. He is perhaps most famous for his work The Secret Teachings of […]

2301, 2015

The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration, Oscillation and Toroids

“What would it mean to your research and inventions if you could switch polarities between poles and regulate their power levels?”

Pond Science Institute releases a video series overview of Dale Ponds latest book Keely’s […]

701, 2015

Ones and Zeros: The Digital Age and the Death of Analog

by Michael Theroux


While the debate over whether analog or digital technology is superior has been mostly rooted in the domain of audio recording and playback (see “Meanings, Messages & Signals – Comprehending the […]

2811, 2014

From Knowledge to Wisdom by Manly P. Hall

“We have to be able to recognize that the attainment of knowledge is the highest labor of mankind. And that the attainment of knowledge is the basis of all philanthropy, the basis of […]

2111, 2014

The Diviners Bible – The Ultimate Dowsing & Vibrational Sciences Guide is now Free

For the first time ever on the internet, the must have tool for all dowsers.

Dowsing has been called the art that unlocks all others and here for the first time is the single […]

2809, 2014

The Dogmatism of Science by Ms. Bloomfield Moore

Henry Thomas  Buckle, in a paper read at the weekly evening meeting of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Friday, March 19th, 1858, said that” an exclusive employment of the inductive philosophy was […]

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