The Law of Rhythm by Pier Luigi Ighina

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Device showing the Energy expansion (Sun to Earth) and reabsorbtion (Earth to Sun). There are lamps that rotate, creating on the walls of the box, a game of shadows in movement projected by the immovable spirals, that by stroboscopic effect, seemed to turn around them. The shadows of the spirals, like the magnetic fields of [...]

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The Magnetic Atom by Pier Luigi Ighina

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MAGNETIC RHYTHM SOLAR EARTH ENERGY This great secret was discovered by scientist Pier Luigi Ighina of the International Center of Magnetic Studies, Imola, Italy. ERIM is a small apparatus that concentrates and develops the Magnetic Rhythm Solar Earth Energy, regenerating cells and returning them to normal functioning, with all its attendant benefits. PROPERTIES: ERIM's properties [...]

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Hydrogen Producing Magnets & Magic Magnetism – The work of Felix Ehrenhaft

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If this experimenter is right, his discovery will upset all out accepted ideas on this familiar force Can a magnet take water to pieces? No, say physics textbooks. Yes, says Prof. Felix Ehrenhaft, former director of the Physical Institute at the University of Vienna, who now carries on his research in New York. If [...]