1802, 2016

Sophia is the Sulphur by A.M.

Sophia is the Sulphur 

Sophia > Philosophia > Anthroposophia

Anthroposophia – divine feminine wisdom passing through the body of humanity as knowledge of Self

1913 was historically critical for the Western world in general and Rudolf […]

2306, 2015

Isaac Newton’s Esotericism Revealed by Brendan D. Murphy

  the offspring of silence and unbroken meditation. –Isaac Newton

The man, the myth

History, as any real researcher (as opposed to “conspiracy theorist”) will be able to tell you, has been sanitized in […]

906, 2015



This article is dedicated to Riley Crabb, for his interest in the subject, and the library he left behind, for without it I may never have happened upon the means to […]

3103, 2015

The Amazing Manly P Hall

“In the figure of Manly Hall, we find remarkable powers of discernment mixed with the profound flaws of the most ordinary person. But still the question remains: How did a modest, solidly built […]

2301, 2015

The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration, Oscillation and Toroids

“What would it mean to your research and inventions if you could switch polarities between poles and regulate their power levels?”

Pond Science Institute releases a video series overview of Dale Ponds latest book Keely’s […]

2312, 2014

FireSide Chat with John Ech

Water, The importance of Breath, what psychedelics truly are and more as we all dive down the rabbit hole sharing our research with each other. Special guests may join us.

Tuesday 8:00PM Easter Standard […]

2212, 2014

The Hermetic Universe By Michael Hayes

Ever since my formative years, when I first began to think in concepts, I have always been confounded by the mystery of human existence. By and large we all tend to take this […]

2212, 2014

A Short Course on the Djinn by Rosemary E. Guiley

In Arabian lore, djinn (also spelled jinn) are a race of supernaturally empowered beings who have the ability to intervene in the affairs of people. Like the Greek daimones, djinn are self-propagating and […]

1212, 2014

Comets and the Horns of Moses (Review) by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

History just got a whole lot more interesting! That’s how I’d describe, in only one sentence this eye-opening, dot-connecting […]

608, 2014

Ley Lines of the UK and USA by David Cowan

Ley Lines, corridors of ancient and sacred sites, like standing stones and circles, churches, abbeys, cathedrals and burial grounds have been a peculiarly British interest for decades, partly because there are so many […]

3006, 2014

What Personality Type are you? Introduction to the Enneagram

This explanation covers the basics that you will need to understand how the Enneagram works, and will be especially helpful for beginners. As you will see, only a few simple concepts are needed […]

2406, 2014

The Hollow Earth in Science by Duane Griffin

What Curiosity in the Structure…ought not we to expect in the Fabrick of this Globe

Edmund Halley 1692

The idea of the hollow Earth has blossomed prodigiously in myth, religion, literature, and other […]

2306, 2014

The Kybalion – The Ultimate Hermetic Introduction

The teaching of Hermes have been here distilled into one text.

Written by three anonomous initiates the Kybalion is the first place any true master of alchemy must begin.

We take great pleasure in presenting […]

1106, 2014

The First Book every Aether Mage Must read – Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man

The modern scientific conception of the world seeks to reduce the endless diversity of all natural phenomena to two fundamental ideas, two concepts lying at the foundation of all things: matter and ether. […]

2905, 2014

View from the Borderlands With Tom Brown (LIVE)

Tom Brown RETURNS!
May 29 Thursday 5:00 PM EST

Trivium and Quadrivium and how to think….
How the pythagorean theorem gives us the clues and orthodox science misses it by descending beneath matter.
Steiner , Goethe, Alchemy, Optics […]

2705, 2014

Secrets In Plain by Scott Onstott

Secrets In Plain Sight is an awe inspiring exploration of great art, architecture, and urban design which skillfully unveils an unlikely intersection of geometry, politics, numerical philosophy, religious mysticism, new physics, music, astronomy, […]

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