Sympathetic Vibratory Science Introduction

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Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, discovered By Jon Ernst Worrell Keely, reveals a vital puzzle piece in investigating the polar streams of force and their harmonic, enharmonic, and disharmonic triune expressions from the neutral center, The mystery of the 3, 6, & 9 [...]

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Atom and Octave by Maryel Gardyne.

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It is the electron microscope and all the apparatus invented since its discovery that have revolutionised our view of the world and brought us into contact with regions of experience, belonging formerly only to men of faith. As we search ever deeper [...]

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Harmonics and Cosmogony by Hans Kayser

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HARMONIC COSMOGONY An excerpt from Akroasis by Hans Kayser §54.1. Preliminary Note The reader who has followed the investigations in this book closely up to this point, thought over their content, and above all experienced them, will wish to see in this [...]

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Vortex Math Based Computing by Alex Petty

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Consciousness Modeled Computational Paradigm Creation, by it's nature, operates the systems that arise within it in the most efficient manner possible. Only Creation is so economical in it's every expression. Wisdom compels the thoughtful to observe and learn from nature’s miraculous ingenuity [...]

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Golden Ratio in Science by Nick Seewald

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Phi in Chemistry and Physics by Nick Seewald 1. Hydrogen Bond Distances It has been found recently (in 2005, actually), that the golden ratio plays a significant role in atomic physics in that it governs what is [...]

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  VIRTUAL VECTOR MODELLING OF THE MONATOMIC UNIVERSE All animations by Ananda, except background in animation 2 and 3, by Dan Winter Dear Dan I enjoy and find your push here always useful and appreciated, and I realise that I have [...]

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