507, 2015

Coffee — The Wine of Islam

Most modern coffee-drinkers are probably unaware of coffee’s heritage in the Sufi orders of Southern Arabia. Members of the Shadhiliyya order are said to have spread coffee-drinking throughout the Islamic world sometime between […]

2704, 2015

Mohamed – A Profile in Cosmic Consciousness

An excellent character summary of the last prophet of Islam in regards to universal cosmic consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness, by Richard Maurice Bucke, ,

CHAPTER 5. Mohammed.

Born 570; died 632.

This case, both in detail and […]

1104, 2015


Jesus is The Overtone of The Human Species.

The Overtone is The Middle of The Octave.

The Overtone is The Balance Point of The Octave

The Overtone is Indicated as Yellow in This Picture.

God is Equilibrium

Jesus […]

604, 2015

Easter Christ and Maitreya by Amit Maharaj


It’s funny seeing that misinformative Ishtar/Easter meme floating around facebook land each year. I won’t comment on the obviously misleading etymology breakdown or misdirection of rabbits/egg cymbal. Rather I will leave you with […]

2003, 2015

The Subtlety Illusion by Kaveh Mousavi

I had this atheist friend who used to be mean to every religious person he came across. He would call religious people “stupid”, simply for believing in religion, and mocking them in a […]

1703, 2015

The Utterly Suppressed Religion of Three by Ryan Oake

The Religion of Three was long revered as a magical concept in Europe, its icons honored and held sacred– until the Catholic Church turned them all into icons of the holy trinity. “Turning” […]

902, 2015

The Lost Gospel of Thomas

21. Mary said to Jesus, “What are your disciples like?”
He said, “They are like little children living in a field that is not theirs. When the owners of the field come, they will […]

802, 2015

The 13th Disciple of Jesus


Christians believe Jesus died on the cross, Muslims believe it was Judas Iscariot who actually died on the cross. Could they both be wrong?

Who was the 13th disciple? Was it really Jesus on […]

2501, 2015

The Difference between Sabians and Sabeans

It is important to note also that Sabians are not “Sabeans”: there is a history of confusion because of transliteration. Sabians are the people of Abraham (peace be upon him) and “Sabaeans” would […]

2212, 2014

The Source of the Christmas Tree tradition by Louay Fatoohi

Every year, Christians across the world celebrate in Christmas the birth of Jesus. One prominent aspect of this tradition is the Christmas tree. This tradition is known to have developed in Germany in […]

1412, 2014

The Forbidden Book of Enoch

Enoch was the grandfather of Noah. The Book of Enoch chapter 68:1 “And after that my grandfather Enoch gave me all the secrets in the book and in the parables which had been […]

2409, 2014

The Real ISIS has something to say

I, ISIS, mistress of the mysteries of Nature, speak to you.

You, novice who seeks to go through the gates of initiation, and you, layman who will read with idle curiosity, calm your spirit, […]

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