808, 2015

Water: It’s a Mystery

by Joe Dubs

Water is the most common substance known to man and also the most mysterious.  The list of anomalies associated with it runs as long as the ocean is deep.  Modern science has ignored […]

707, 2015

The Light that runs on Salt Water – 8hrs a day for 6 months + USB. Just add water & salt!

As you can imagine of a country that is spread over more than 7,000 islands, many people in the Philippines aren’t hooked up to the power grid, so a common light source is […]

2805, 2015

Mystery Solved: Ancient Tomb Lamps Still Found Burning by Kathy J. Forti

How were the Ancients able to produce lamps, which could burn without fuel, for hundreds, and in some cases thousands of years? The secret of the eternal flame was regarded as God’s sole […]

2004, 2015

Mapping the Energy Body EXPERIMENT by Heliognosis

The idea that an energy body surrounds the human form has endured since ancient times. The Tibetan Book of the Dead1 refers to it in a ritualistic speech made to the dying to […]

1004, 2015

The Amazing Hemp Battery By Marco Torres

As hemp makes a comeback in the U.S. after a decades-long ban on its cultivation, scientists are reporting that fibers from the plant can pack as much energy and power as graphene, long-touted […]

603, 2015

All Pyramids are Free Energy Machines


The reason that I have several posts relating to ETs/UFOs is because it deals with rediscovering ourselves as a species, so that we may not only re-learn what we once knew, but also […]

2301, 2015

The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration, Oscillation and Toroids

“What would it mean to your research and inventions if you could switch polarities between poles and regulate their power levels?”

Pond Science Institute releases a video series overview of Dale Ponds latest book Keely’s […]

201, 2015

Could Laughing Gas Hold the key to Tesla’s Impulse technology?

Danish scientists thought they had made a mistake when they discovered a huge electric field in a thin layer of solid nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas.

As it transpires, however, they had […]

812, 2014

Charge Separation with Quantum Dot Oscillations by Marcus Reid

1711, 2014

Electric Car Powered by Salt Water: 920 hp, 373 Miles/Tank

It’s finally here folks and it is LEGIT.

Tesla eat your heart out, the Germans have created an electrical car powered by salt water. It has four electric engines and is FAST with some […]

110, 2014


Crystals are one of the most unexplored areas of science. Their ability to focus the aether must be studied. 

The Vogel-cut® Crystal

(excerpted from the forthcoming book Crystals, Love, and the Matrix of Consciousness: The […]

2109, 2014

Fuel Cell Technology 101 By Jeff Smith

Fuel cells, Cold Fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions are all Catalytic process or Catalytic Converters. They all do the same thing but in different ways. Cold Fusion research is a spin off […]

807, 2014

Daniel Green’s Hydrogen from water as fuel

“July 7, 2014- Fuel is one of the biggest demands of modern human life. Our major dependence of fuel is fulfilled by non-renewable resources which are a major pollutant of our environment. Fossil […]

2406, 2014

The Higher Order Energetic Flowers Of Dr Edward Bach

What would make a doctor at the pinnacle of his career as head of the emergency department at University College Hospital in London walk away from his job? Furthermore, why would this same […]

2006, 2014

Kozyrev: Aether, Time and Torsion

The Russian scientist Dr Nikolai Kozyrev is in many ways a forerunner — the father of today’s efforts to re-interpret physics in a way that does not contradict intuitive understanding. Our efforts to […]

2305, 2014

Tesla Coils: Unleash the Aether by Hank Mills 

The inventions of Nikola Tesla are numerous. He invented radio, teleautomatics (remote control technology), poly-phase alternating current, the induction motor, and many other innovations that established the foundation for our modern civilization. However, […]

905, 2014

The Alchemy of Cold Fusion Revealed

It all began over ten years ago.

Mark LeClair, a former liquid dynamics engineer for Lockheed Martin, gave a presentation on his theory of the origin of life and Cavitation at the NASA AstroBiology […]

604, 2014

Two Engineers’ Access the QED

The Quantum Energy Generator has been getting alot of people excited lately.

They have released open sourced plans for it and many are studying them. Now more and more questions are being asked.

Is it […]

2610, 2013

Inventor’s Diary – Ed Mitchell’s True Green Solutions at the Gobal Break Through Energy Movement Conference

My partner and I started off with a bunch of unknowns as things just weren’t working for either of us leading up to the event. I just got the wire I needed to […]

609, 2013

John Searl and his Levitating Generator Plans Leaked

John Searl built a levitating disc that could also generate electrical power.

This was in the 50’s in England. His story is one of the most interesting in alternative science and even better he is still with […]

509, 2013

The Secret to the Water Car Rediscovered.. Finally

Edward Mitchell has figured out how to run gas engines on water.

Who is Edward Mitchell? 

A former weightlifting champion while in the Marine Core Edward is not what many would imagine as to what […]

807, 2013

The “Free Energy” Bible

The search for free energy is truly maddening.

It seems that every mention of these things is loaded with bad writing, silly claims and no details. Everything leads to a dead end and after […]

107, 2013

Cold Fusion Cracked? HHO Experiment Breakdown Guide

The Secret to Cold Fusion… has it been cracked?

We shall only know if we jump into the experiment. Hydrogen production via electrolysis in water has been proven to work and can run all engines […]

2905, 2013

Farnsworth & the Suppression of Fusion

Philo T Farnsworth II was one of American’s greatest inventors.

He invented the worlds first television when he was 17 years old, beating out RCA, the worlds biggest radio corporation, something that no one […]

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