1004, 2015

New Discoveries in Egypt by Kryder

Having a never ending curiosity and having wondered for many years, what would be the result if I had applied the secret template ciphers I know and use here in the USA to […]

903, 2015

The Great Pyramid Scandal

Zahi Hawass has a history of firing off rash accusations against others so I’m not surprised at the way this case has turned out.

I will ask Zahi about it when I debate him […]

2410, 2014

The Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed / Orgone accumulators scalar generators. A special Book by VILIM KANJSKI & HRVOJE ZUJIĆ

Book from the author direct source, he published it for free on scribd!

The Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed

Download from keychest
Surfing the net around late one day I came across this very curious book […]

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