2406, 2015

A Description of an Alien Visit in the Buddhist Lotus Sutra by Capers Jones 

The Buddhist scripture called Saddharma Pundarika or the Lotus of the True Law was first written circa 300 A.D. (Note that the word “Sutra” means “scripture.”)   The exact date of the original Sanscrit […]

2106, 2015

The World  in Upheaval, 3000 B.C.E. by Leonard Farra

As I mentioned, in previous articles, extraordinary things were happening on our planet 5,000 years ago . There was a major climate change, and flooding, and this was followed by the rise of […]

1906, 2015

Oak Island Pit Mystery by Capers Jones

One of the most curious human-caused mysteries of the past 300 years is the famous “Oak Island Pit” (aka The Money Pit of Oak Island) which has never been fully explained or fully […]

1406, 2015

The Origin of the Royal Egyptian Cubit

Something Strange Happened On The Way To The Parthenon

Copyright © 2002, Ernest P. Moyer

Happiness Interrupted

I was strolling along, enjoying the day, minding my own business, when suddenly there dropped out of the sky a […]

1805, 2015

Malta’s Antideluvian Temples

Hypogeum in MaltaA most important, ancient, human skull vanished from the Valletta Museum of Archaeology, not long after the death of Professor Sir Themistocles Zammit. The characteristics of this artifact suggest that modern […]

1505, 2015

Extensive Ancient Underground Networks Discovered Throughout Europe By April Holloway

Archaeologists uncovered thousands of Stone Age underground tunnels, stretching across Europe from Scotland to Turkey, perplexing researchers as to their original purpose.

German archaeologist Dr Heinrich Kusch, in his book ‘Secrets of the Underground […]

1105, 2015

The Göbekli Tepe Mystery

Göbekli Tepe Excavation SitePrior to Göbekli Tepe it was assumed , that Sumerian society was the first advanced civilisation.  6,000 years before the invention of writing neolithic cultures carved intricate designs, sigils and […]

2004, 2015

Ancient Giants

According to Paiute Indian oral legends, a tribe called the Si-Te-Cah were a native American race of tall red-haired giants that once occupied the area in the distant past.

Amazingly, 9,400 year old Mummified remains were […]

1504, 2015

Seeds of Civilization from A to Z: Avalonia and Zealandia to the British Isles and India by A.M.

From A to Z

Avalonia ~ Skythia ~ British Isles ~ Red Rose

Zealandia ~ Mu ~ India ~ Blue Lotus


Was Zealandia part of Mu? landmasses have risen and landmasses have been swallowed by rising […]

1404, 2015

5 Of The Strangest Skulls Ever Discovered

Archaeology has uncovered a great deal about our past but we’ve barely scratched the surface. The Earth holds many secrets but sometimes amazing discoveries are made and these skulls are proof

These unusual skulls were turned […]

304, 2015

Cosmological discoveries validate legendary Great Year by Walter Cruttenden

Ancient cultures around the world believed that consciousness and history move in a vast cycle of time with alternating Dark and Golden Ages – Plato called it the Great Year. Today we know […]

1903, 2015

Discover the Bosnian Pyramids with Ethann Fox & Semir Sam

Decipher hidden human history tonight at 7 pm EST with Ethann Fox and world-renowned pyramid researcher, Semir Sam Osmanagich (discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids).

In 2005, Dr. Osmanagich discovered the Bosnian pyramids — […]

1701, 2015

Biggest Underground City Ever Found In Turkey

An underground city newly discovered in Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir, which is located under the Nevşehir fortress and the surrounding area, may be the biggest archeological finding of 2014, which is […]

1912, 2014

Ancient Egyptian Sunken City Revealed

About 1,200 years ago, a lost ancient Egyptian city submerged  beneath the sea, and had modern day historians believing that it was a legend. A city of extraordinary wealth, visited by Helen of […]

1512, 2014

Man Discovers Ancient City Under His Home in Turkey

Imagine going outside to clear some deep weeds and restore an area in your backyard one spring day and you end up finding an underground city?

That’s what happened to a home-owner Mustafa Bozdemir […]

1212, 2014

Comets and the Horns of Moses (Review) by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

History just got a whole lot more interesting! That’s how I’d describe, in only one sentence this eye-opening, dot-connecting […]

2711, 2014

Banned Occult Secrets of the Vril Society

After World War II and the subsequent occupation of Germany, Allied military commanders were stunned to discover the penetrating depth of the Nazi regime’s closely guarded state secrets.

Source http://atlanteangardens.blogspot.com/2014/04/banned-occult-secrets-of-vril-society.html

The world’s best intelligence organization […]

2311, 2014

Ancient Mummies and Pyramids of China

After years of controversy and political intrigue, archaeologists using genetic testing have proven that Caucasians roamed China’s Tarim Basin thousands of years before East Asian people arrived.
Source – http://atlanteangardens.blogspot.com/2014/06/ancient-aryan-mummies-and-pyramids-of.html

The research, which the Chinese […]

2410, 2014

The Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed / Orgone accumulators scalar generators. A special Book by VILIM KANJSKI & HRVOJE ZUJIĆ

Book from the author direct source, he published it for free on scribd!

The Secrets of the Pyramids Revealed

Download from keychest
Surfing the net around late one day I came across this very curious book […]

608, 2014

Ley Lines of the UK and USA by David Cowan

Ley Lines, corridors of ancient and sacred sites, like standing stones and circles, churches, abbeys, cathedrals and burial grounds have been a peculiarly British interest for decades, partly because there are so many […]

1007, 2014

The Atlantis of the Sands

The literature of past civilizations often mention cities which are now lost to humanity, the most famous of those being the lost city of Atlantis. On a smaller scale, Arabia has its own […]

607, 2014

Is there a Lost Cave City in the Grand Canyon ?

Did an ancient civilization live in caves below the Grand Canyon?

This is as vague a statement as wondering why some of the ancient Mesoamerican people depicted their gods as white men or the Olmec gods looked African. […]

2206, 2014

Everything We Have Been Taught About Our Origins Is A Lie

In June 1936 Max Hahn and his wife Emma were on a walk beside a waterfall near to London, Texas, when they noticed a rock with wood protruding from its core. They decided […]

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