106, 2015

The existence of the Ether Force via Doppler Effect by Fabio Moscow

 A brilliant essay on the undeniable existence of the ether and the doppler effect. Originally printed in Italian.

The misunderstanding of departure
James Clerk Maxwell , finding that the gap has permeability and permittivity, deduced […]

2705, 2015

John Keely on the Ether

“Light is induced by electromagnetic percussion emanating from the ether, and in its action represents the plane of magnetism. In fact, it is the plane of magnetism when under polarization. (Platina wires the […]

1505, 2015

DIY Symbolic Hieronymus Machine – By Joseph Max

Visit his blog: https://josephmax.wordpress.com/2010/12/10/symbolic-hieronymus-machine/

Editor Notes:
He has many more awesome tutorials about radionics. There are other tutorials around about building a symbolic machine but many took the graphics from his site.

I hope with this post […]

1405, 2015

Fifty years ago: The Phenomenal PSIONIC Machine. The symbolic Hieronymus Machine

This device is an ink drawing on paper—yet test subjects say it produces sensations in their hands.



Fate November 1962 Vol. 15, No. 11

by David M. Dressler

AMONG THE weirdest machines possible to devise is […]

1305, 2015

Andrew Crosse: The Man Who Created Life by Alexander Randis

Did a little known amateur scientist by the name of Andrew Crosse discover how to create life? Did he unintentionally discover a mixture of electricity and chemicals which yielded living creatures from a […]

1005, 2015

The Cult of Scientism and Nikola Tesla’s Aether by Jay

I recently watched a BBC documentary titled “The Atom: The Illusion of Reality.”

In Part 3, the host delves into the last few decades of quantum physics and makes some interesting admissions relevant […]

305, 2015

Musk Idles Tesla Legacy While Gaslighting Modern Energy Consciousness

In a recent presentation, Elon Musk unveiled to the world the Tesla Powerwall. It represents the latest addition to the Tesla Company’s technological offerings. Appearing somewhat awkward on stage, Musk’s performance was reminiscent […]

2104, 2015

Observations of vacuum fluctuations suggests the existence of Zero Point Energy by Heliognosis

Recent experimental evidence would suggest that the elusive zero point energy (ZPE) vacuum fluctuations can be detected using an electric field. Initial data indicates that increasing electric field strength results in an increased […]

2004, 2015

Mapping the Energy Body EXPERIMENT by Heliognosis

The idea that an energy body surrounds the human form has endured since ancient times. The Tibetan Book of the Dead1 refers to it in a ritualistic speech made to the dying to […]

304, 2015

Azoth & Aether: Performing Inner Alchemy With Fire Water

Many of our friends are experiencing a feeling of intense heat coming from the center of their bodies, starting at the heart and then expanding out to their arms and the rest of […]

2903, 2015

Build a Cosmic Ray Cloud Chamber

It is kind of crazy to think that we are being bombarded at all times by tiny particles moving close to the speed of light. If you want to see  evidence of these […]

503, 2015

Reichs Orgone Energy 101 by James Demeo

James Demeo does an amazing job summarizing the core of Reichs greatest work.

Check out Jame’s sites here


2901, 2015

TBT: Weather Engineering on the High Plains (1989)

Weather Engineering on the High Plains
Michael Theroux

from The Journal of Borderland Research, Vol. XLV

It may come as no surprise that this will not  be a how-to article explaining all of the tactics […]

2301, 2015

The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration, Oscillation and Toroids

“What would it mean to your research and inventions if you could switch polarities between poles and regulate their power levels?”

Pond Science Institute releases a video series overview of Dale Ponds latest book Keely’s […]

701, 2015

Ones and Zeros: The Digital Age and the Death of Analog

by Michael Theroux


While the debate over whether analog or digital technology is superior has been mostly rooted in the domain of audio recording and playback (see “Meanings, Messages & Signals – Comprehending the […]

301, 2015

The Aether, the Torus and the Wave Structure of Matter

The Torus (Latin for Ring) is the perfected geometry of the human energy field.
It is the shape of the human zygote after 512 cell division, thus it stores all the Memory of We […]

3112, 2014

The Relativity Fraud by Arto Heino

As we all should know Einstein’s equations were the borrowings of others mainly Ruđer Josip Bošković and the hard work of his first wife and the blatant plagiarism of the work of David […]

2912, 2014

A Replication of the Silvertooth Aether Experiment by Doug Marett

The Silvertooth experiments proved the existence of the aether in 1986 and were sanctioned by the US Airforce and published in the science journal Nature. Here is a replication in 2012.

Described herein is […]

2712, 2014

The Suppression of Inconvenient Facts in Physics by Rochus Boerner

“Textbooks present science as a noble search for truth, in which progress depends on questioning established ideas. But for many scientists, this is a cruel myth. They know from bitter experience that disagreeing […]

2612, 2014

The Aether, Yes or No by Ken Seto

The consequences of these two interpretations of space give rise to two camps of physics: In the aether—no camp we have the combined theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. In the aether—yes camp […]

1212, 2014

Where did the aether go by Brendan D. Murphy


Though previously a popular scientific concept (in the form of the lumeniferous aether), the notion of an aether (ether) had essentially become taboo in science after the infamous Michelson-Morley (M-M) experiment supposedly disproved […]

912, 2014

Tesla’s ether technology by Dr. Velimir Abramovich

Tesla discovered and used the law, which concerned fundamental properties of Ether, and the law, which structure the initially infinite and homogeneous ether. Supposition made about continuity of ether as one of the […]

2611, 2014

The Aether as a Tool of Unity by Chris Plouffe

So I notice throughout the Alternative Energy / Alternative Science community that people are starting to act just like the “Modern Scientific” community in regards to sensationalism and polarization.  It seems as if […]

2111, 2014

The Diviners Bible – The Ultimate Dowsing & Vibrational Sciences Guide is now Free

For the first time ever on the internet, the must have tool for all dowsers.

Dowsing has been called the art that unlocks all others and here for the first time is the single […]

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