An Open View to Cosmology by Tom Brown

//An Open View to Cosmology by Tom Brown

The concave model does not deny the possibility of other worlds with life, rather the universe can be infinite and filled with life, yet we’re still concave. In this model space is dimensional, projective.

Space is not 3D, the three dimensions are imposed by our consciousness in its assessment of objective reality. The three dimensions are proprioceptive, Steiner indicated it was a grave error of materialistic consciousness to externalize them as a metric of space. Space functions on projective geometry, with a spatial-counterspatial polarity.

Discussing these anthropic models is certainly not about stroking one’s ego, rather it is an unprejudiced approach to assessing all world models that were considered viable by serious experimenters in order to discern the fundamental nature of reality. The concave earth, or geocosmos more properly called, has been measured and probed; by Cyrus Teed and his rectilineator in the late 1800s as well as top German scientists during WWII who were attempting to photograph the British fleet in the North Sea from the Baltic amongst other large-scale geophysical experiments along these lines.

And the somewhat more easy to grasp geo- or anthropocentric world is supported by an incredible amount of evidence, much collected by Anthroposophical researchers working out of Steiner’s indications. Basically all living things on the planet have biological rhythms and shaping from formative forces effected by the direct appearance and motion of the planets, sun and moon as perceived from earth.

And what if the Earth really is going around the Sun? This could also be true. Perhaps they are all true in some sense. Quantum physicists claim that our observation of reality directly affects that observed; perhaps we are modeling our world and our place in it as we develop our understanding of it.

In the Heliocentric model the spatial arrangement (which has awe inspiring mathematical harmonies and relationships) we find the skeleton or physical circuitry of the cosmic life body. In the Anthropocentric we find the software program running creating the “virtual” world of our experience.

In the Geocosmos we find the engineers & programmers, the counter-spatial source of the spatial manifestation.

In the Archecosmos resides the original awareness of the concept. Think of this like Tesla conceiving the rotating AC field whilst cogitating on a poem by Goethe. He has the flash of the archetypal four quadrant relationships in action, then it’s engineered in the Geocosmos, next it’s built in the Anthropocosmos, and finally run in the Heliocosmos. All stages are inherent in the final device.

So far we have the heliocentric, geo/anthropocentric, and the geocosmos. Need a fourth to fulfill the archetype. In that we look at the flat earth. In projective geometry (which is all inclusive, Euclidean coordinates are but a subset) all planes are sections of spheres at infinity. Think it out if you can, and expanding sphere, wouldn’t have to be that large in diameter before you could cut out a perfectly flat piece to make a table top. So we are on a plane at infinity, the Earth Plane, as long diagrammed in esoteric literature.

And what is this flat plane but the archetypal world itself, the mandala where the four aetheric forces weave our reality via generation in the geocosmos, formation in the anthropocosmos, and manifestation in the heliocosmos. These are the four worlds of the Qabalah.

This is a short version off the top of my head, naturally there is more to it all, so many pieces fit the various worlds that it appears reality is multidimensional, but not obviously to our front lobe discursive consciousness most of humanity is presently trapped in.

Just thinking out loud and naturally open to other’s views

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