2 TeraByte Hard Drives of AETHER FORCE Knowledge

//2 TeraByte Hard Drives of AETHER FORCE Knowledge

2 TeraByte Hard Drives of AETHER FORCE Knowledge



Do you miss and all of its Aetheric contents? We are now offering hard drives filled with the core content from keychests and much more.

Contents includes over 15,000 pdf books and articles, video lectures and courses, audio books, a massive picture collection, geometry animations, brainwave entrainment meditations, yoga systems, and full initiatory programs.

Topic include but are not limited to Radionics, Radiesthesia, Shape Power, Water Science, Free Energy Research, Electrical and Magnetic Engineering, Counterpsatial and Vortex Sciences, Electric Universe, Material Sciences, Anthroposophical Sciences, and so much more.

For compensation we ask for full price of 2 TB hard drive @ $80 USDĀ  + $8 shipping + fiat or crypto-currency donation of your choice. Average donation values at $100. Just give what you can to respect the time of maintaining the collection and the days of unrestricted computer usage. All proceeds are supporting the expansion of Aetheric Education. See exactly how the finances will be used here:

All questions about the drive are welcome. Email [email protected] for more information.

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