Aether Force Mission Statement, To Build a New World

//Aether Force Mission Statement, To Build a New World

Humanity itself has been challenged.

As we finally awaken groggy eyed from centuries of slumber we look about we see a world that was once our home now transformed into a prison. Those of us who have gone deepest down the rabbit hole know that our minds alone are not enough to save us, nor is simply saving us enough.


The challenge we face as a united humanity demands that we call upon the ultimate spiritual source. Merely saving our current lifestyles or even advancing them is not enough. Our goal must be to rebuild our world entirely. To give us and all generations to come the world we are entitled to by our birth on this planet. Something no “authority” can deny us, no matter how heavily they are armed and no matter how many lies they may tell.

  • We refuse to work within the system, We will Build a New one.
  • We refuse to compromise on pure scientific truth, We will rediscover the scientific truth that is ours by right.
  • We refuse to believe that our universe is lifeless and mechanical, We see proof of our living world from dawn till dusk and even in our dreams.
  • We refuse to allow others “more gifted” to do our thinking for us, We know that anyone with right intention can channel the source and be “gifted”
  • We refuse to pass this mission onto our children, We will begin this journey now.

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The Pillars

We have studied their methods. What has taken them four thousand years to build we can eclipse in a single generation, not due to our superior numbers but to our genuine talent gifted to us by an infinite spiritual power.

Those that believe that they were chosen to rule the world first went for financial control. The cancerous fruit of this plan we now see in the banks that rule over every corner of the earth. Their power to control our labour by creating currency on a whim is now at an end. The rise of crypto currency and the open source networks that fuel it will bring down their calcified pillar atop their heads.

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They then went for control of our minds through their mass media. For hundreds of years they watched our children eagerly fight their wars for them and now they watch the rise of our own organic peoples media deliver stuff blow after stiff blow to their prostitute deception machine. Their victories have ended and ours have only just begun.

Their system of slavery through usury and mass media control allowed them to finally take near total control of the elders tasked to guide us. The political arena which we should aspire to engage in have been reduced to pale stage of shame and apathy. We had lost our voice and with our eyes shut we could only pull the plow. Their arrogance swelled. Without a head, what can the body do?

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We are the leaders of WE

We shall build them ourselves. Organically, Holographically and Defiantly. Within each and everyone of us is the leader we were born to be. We do not need anything added, Only fear and anxiety taken away. The knowledge we were once blessed with has found it’s way back to us, now that we are ready to receive it.

The average Joe is weary and without knowledge. Show them a vision of a future that is as real as the bills of currency they see, give them the knowledge now hoarded away in secret societies and watch an initiate emerge. What is the ever retold story of the Archetypal hero but the emergence of a true initiate.

  • The initiate is the next level after awakening.
  • The initiate see’s the spiritual battle as primary and the physical as a secondary effect.
  • The initiate sees just how vulnerable those that deem themselves chosen to rule over us really are.

The only requirement is an empty cup so that a little bit of the right knowledge may flow in. Those who empty their cup entirely will be overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of the truth and knowledge the source shall send them.

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The Plan

  1. Identify the knowledge needed to build a new world. Status: Complete
  • Aetheric Engineering
  • Permaculture
  • Water Research 4th phase
  • Orgonomy
  • Light/Color Healing – Radionics
  • Di-Electricity produced unmetered Energy


  1. Share the Knowledge with the People while building a global yet local network of leaders. Status: In Progress
  • A Movement for the People and By the People to Rebuild Civilization. Growing AetherForce
  • Our Own Repository of knowledge free and available to all. Complete:
  • Our Own Social Network,  coming soon.
  1. Begin an exodus away from the banker controlled Mega cities to our own ruled and run villages. This is already in progress with movements like The New Earth Nation and the emerging Muslim villages in Indonesia.

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Our Mission is to give these new nodes of civilization everything they need not only to be self sufficient but to live far better than humans ever have before. We are well on our way and the dark forces cannot stop it. They can’t even slow it down. They may plot and plan religiously but the infinite has a far better plan and we are the tools by which it shall manifest.



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