A Tribute to Arch Water Mage Masaru Emoto

//A Tribute to Arch Water Mage Masaru Emoto

A beautiful meditation tribute to the legendary late water mage Masaru Emoto

The Secret Life of Water takes viewers on a visual sound-scaped journey with Masaru Emoto’s Messages from Water. This guided meditation is purposed to raise the conscious awareness of water.

Honoring of the Life & Love of Masaru Emoto
July 22, 1943 – October 17, 2014
Thank You and We Love You

WATER Is a Mirror…

“Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is a blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you’re open to it.”
~ Masaru Emoto

Each water sample was exposed to different HADO. Hado is a Japanese word for Vibration, the smallest unit of vibration, of which has the greatest effect on form creation.
Hado = Vibration and Vibration = Life.

“Existence is vibration. When we separate something into its
smallest parts, we always enter a strange world where all that exists is particles and waves. The fact that everything is in a state of vibration also means that everything is creating sound. And as sound is created, there is a master listener to receive the sound: water.”
~ Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto’s hope in sharing the messages from water is to touch your heart so that you experience peace and healing through understanding water’s true nature and the power of love and gratitude.

This special exhibit is dedicated to the Life & Love of Masaru Emoto for opening the worlds minds and hearts together though water. Water is what connects us all. We are Water.

Thank You and We Love You Masaru Emoto
July 22, 1943 – October 17, 2014

For more information about honoring Masaru Emoto & presenting this special Water Crystal Exhibit at your event. Please visit

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