A Storm is Breaking by Jack Stackhouse

//A Storm is Breaking by Jack Stackhouse

Life in the physical plane, demands that we embrace strength and martial skills. Not to glorify violence, and dominance, but to test and to prove ourselves against another.

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Respect and humility elevate the arena of the warrior to a spiritual level where we stand unwavering in the face of challenge, we fight that we may know our own weakness and limitations so that we can learn from our mistakes, hone our skills, and drink deeply from our sustenance, L O V E.

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A storm is breaking, and we will all be tested to the max. The one who holds his center while being thrashed by the Maelstrom embodies the unmoved “ mover”. To doge, thrust and parry while retaining our confidence and poise, while rising above discomfort and pain, retaining focus and not succumbing to despair when the odds appear bleak, this is the path of the Warrior, and we all must awaken to it, each in our own capacity.

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The creative spirit and potential of humanity has been subdued and co opted by a few, driven by power and greed, armed with cunning and guile, our inherent weakness has been exploited and turned against us, to deceive and keep us from stepping into our power.

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Maxwell’s revelation of the Luminiferous æther was to be the dawn of a new age for humanity, one of promise and hope, the rediscovery of the knowledge of the ancients which obliterated the illusion of scarcity by tapping the aether, and revealing our multidimensional heritage. We bear witness to the consequences of our wrong turns of the last 200yrs. as the destruction wrought by the false systems we embraced, threatens the bulk of life forms on the planet.

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Even at this late hour hope remains. By aligning with the powers inherent in nature (and within human consciousness), the true power and potential of L O V E (as the unifying creative force of the universe) can transmute this toxic cloud of darkness and degradation into the garden of paradise once entrusted to our keeping. Or… we can sit by and watch the whole thing descend into a darker age than we can imagine…

-Jack Stackhouse

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