Thank you all for standing with us.

What has happened I would never have expected. It was far worse than the worse possible case one could dream up. Our initial dream was wrecked, our reputation was attacked and we were on the ropes.

When the dust settled it was us left standing. A vile goblin had cast a spell on our arch aether mage and sent him against all of us. They thought they dealt us a killer blow. They had only sealed their fate. We rallied back and dealt them a crushing blow which from they shall never recover.

We shall be the ones to bring Free energy to the world. Not because we are smarter.. but because we work together, defend each other and stand our ground. We are wizards and warriors. It has become clear now more than ever that the warrior energy is more vital to the salvation of humanity than anything else.

Looking forward to the future, for it is so very bright.

A big Shout out to the warriors that held it down while, TechZ, worked for 72 straight hours on the counter video to the attack against us. Sec Amend, Kert, Anda and all the other troops that stood their ground when everyone else vanished.