A New Look at Tesla BiFilar Coil

//A New Look at Tesla BiFilar Coil


Telsla’s BiFilar Coil appears in many of his patents.

When you look at the patent it just seems like a clever way to double the turns in the coil without making more turns manually. This could all just be a ruse  by Tesla to hide it’s true power as some kind of aetheric harvester/ capacitor. …


this wiring just doubles it’s turn length without having to make more turns…. could this be the extent of Tesla’s idea… I don’t think so

Currently Nasa claims that researchers at Caltech have created a new device to “view the quantum world” ironically it looks just like Tesla’s BiFilar coil except…. it is wired differently, where the electrical currents would run in opposite directions parallel to each other.tesla coil


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