A Collection of Tesla’s Writings

/A Collection of Tesla’s Writings

A Collection of Tesla’s Writings

Tesla’s own words must be heard.

Here is a collection of Tesla writings as PDF files free and simple for download.

  • Colorado Springs Notes
  • Three lectures
  • His Court hearing interviews which were published be Leland Anderson and contain an enormous amount of information in a VERY readable from even for laymen. Note: Tesla talks about his ray and gives exact instructions
  • The first and best book written about him by someone who knew him, John O’Neil’s Prodigal Genius. A Must Read.


This link has a simply amazing collection of various other Tesla writings published in magazines of the time.

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  • Thanks for posting the collections.

    A minor issue but reading through “Prodigal Genius” I am struck by how little the author seems to actually understand the huge difference between Tesla and Einstein in terms of understanding the mechanics of the Universe. O’Neil also seems to not understand that energy is a verb and matter a noun. His thinking is plagued by modern concepts that fail to describe the real world.

    His confusion is clear from reading pages 215 – 217 or so.

    O’Neil goes on to claim that and this is a quote: page 217-

    “The field of force which Tesla mentions as being necessary to explain the movements of the planets might have been his contribution to eliminating the need for the ether which was accomplished by Einstein’s theory. The two theories might have been merged, in which case there probably would have resulted a harmonious development of the thinking of the two geniuses.”

    But on page 216 Tesla himself is quoted as saying this:

    “Only the existence of a field of force can account for the motions of the bodies as observed, and its assumption dispenses with space curvature. All literature on this subject is futile and destined to oblivion. So are all attempts to explain the workings of the universe without recognizing the existence of the ether and the indispensable function it plays in the phenomena.”

    Tesla would consider action at a distance insane. A medium is needed and that medium is a form of matter called Ether. Energy is motion or the amount of work something does. Matter is the stuff that wiggles or waves. Matter is perhaps composed of spinning ether whirls, but those whirls do not dissipate into “energy” as a noun. They would decompose into the basic ether particles as describe by Tesla in his 1891 lectures.

    Tesla’s theories do not work in the context of what has become modern scientific thought. As far as Tesla was concerned Einstein should have spent more time both at the library and in the lab.

    Einstein and his thought experiments, his obvious cribbing of Ether concepts like the Lorentz transformation, and the lack of any kind of logic coherence to his theories leads me to believe that Einstein and his followers are nothing more than imbeciles. One wing parrots indeed.

    Einstein claims that the Ether is important to his theories in 1920 or so. He then goes on to say the Ether can have no mechanical effect on matter. Well the whole idea of length contraction comes from Lorentz and his attempt to salvage an Ether theory after Michleson Morley. I would presume it would be basically the Ether that causes the supposed contraction, thus explaining why the light beams act as they do in the ‘failed’ experiment.

    Ether as Tesla claims, would be the very medium that conveys the various waves, light or gravity or what not.
    As opposed to modern physics where particles can exist in vacuums, Tesla’s kind of thinking is one where such a thing is absurd. Everything is in a medium. We walk by exerting pressure on the medium of the earth itself, for example. Or we can swim through the medium of water. In a plane, the medium of air. The particles of dust and microscopic crap all exist in a medium. “Nature abhors the vacuum”.

  • John Joyce

    Dear TechZ,

    Do these links require a pay pal donation before they will link to the pdf?

    I am unsuccessful in making the link to any of the pdf links you offer.

    Honesty compells me to state that I have sent Eric money directly.

    Than you very much.

    John Joyce

  • Tech Zombie

    John, Those files should be free for download.

    Should be a orange arrow on each link to dl anything.

    Please let me know if it works. I will have them fix it right away.

    You’ve done an amazing amount for this movement and the Professor and we all appreciate that!

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